We're predators. We don't have to be killers.
Derek Hale to Scott McCall about Werewolves in The Tell

Werewolves are the predominant supernatural species in the Teen Wolf universe, and they were the first supernatural creature to be introduced in the series. They are shapeshifters who have the ability to transform from an ordinary human appearance to a partially-lupine form that includes pointed ears, mutton chops, wickedly long and sharp claws and fangs, and a ridged brow. In rare cases, werewolves can also have such advanced shapeshifting abilities that they can actually turn into a real wolf, or can transform into a large, monstrous, bipedal wolf-man. Along with shapeshifting, all werewolves possess super-human strength, speed, agility, healing, and senses, among other powers.

In the supernatural community, being a werewolf is considered a gift, but it is a gift that has a cost-- because a werewolf's powers are derived from the moon, the full moon will cause their abilities and emotions to be so heightened that many lose control of themselves, which can cause death and destruction if not handled properly. For this reason, all newly-turned werewolves need to be trained in order to resist the urges that the moon forces upon them, which will allow them to remain in their human form unless its absolutely necessary to change.

In order to be a werewolf, one must either be born to at least one werewolf parent or be bitten (or, in some rare cases, deeply scratched) by an Alpha werewolf in order to change from a human to a werewolf. However, these methods are not guaranteed to be successful; children of werewolves have been known to be born completely human, and in many cases, the Bite has actually killed their human recipients rather than transform them into werewolves. Also, in one known case, a daughter of a werewolf, Malia Tate, inherited her mother's werecoyote heritage instead of her father's, and in other cases, several former humans who were turned by an Alpha have become other kinds of shapeshifters, such as a Kanima in Jackson Whittemore's case (albeit temporarily) and a werejaguar in the case of Kate Argent.

A werewolf is strongest when in a pack with one Alpha (who is the leader of the pack) and at least three Beta werewolves total, which constitutes a basic pack; in most cases, there is usually a defined hierarchy within the pack. The Alpha draws power from their Betas, and vice-versa, which makes them stronger, more mature and more effective in battle. Werewolves without a pack are known as Omegas, who are generally regarded as weaker and easier to defeat and/or kill than their Beta and Alpha peers, who have packs to back them up, though this is not always the case. There are enough werewolves in existence that the community even has its own culture, which includes legends and folk tales passed down through the generations, mystical rituals for certain events, and societal protocols for how to deal with intense situations, such as how to respond to the death of one of their fellow packmates.

History Edit

Little is known about the genesis of the werewolf species, though Gerard Argent has claimed that the first werewolf was supposedly Lycaon from Greek mythology, along with his fifty sons. According to the legend Gerard told, Lycaon, who was among the Greeks who worshiped the Titans rather than the Gods of Olympus, invited Zeus to a feast at his home, where he attempted to trick him into eating human meat. Zeus was so enraged by this prank that he cursed Lycaon and his sons by turning them into wolves. From there, Lycaon and his sons sought out the Celtic Druids, as they were rumored to have a gift for shapeshifting and Lycaon hoped that they could help them undo the curse.

Though the Druids were unable to remove the curse, they were able to help Lycaon and his sons shift back and forth from human form to werewolf form. Due to their assistance, some Druids elected to work with a werewolf pack, helping them maintain their humanity and guiding them through their lives as lycanthropes, which led them to become called Emissaries. It is unknown if this legend is actually true or if it is simply a work of fiction, but regardless, Druid Emissaries continue to act as advisers to Alphas and their packs in real life to this day, though in most cases, only the Alpha knows who the Emissary is. Those who are known to be or have formerly been Emissaries to werewolf packs are Alan Deaton (formerly Emissary to the Hale Pack and the current Emissary to the McCall Pack), Marin Morrell (the Alpha Pack), and Jennifer Blake (Kali's original pack).

In the mid-18th century, the most famous and monstrous werewolf in history, the Beast of Gevaudan, began to ravage France, reportedly killing anywhere from 100 to 500 people before it was finally slayed by a human villager, Marie-Jeanne Valet, who eventually became the progenitor of the Argent line of werewolf hunters.

One of the most well-known werewolf families is the Hale family, whose bloodline is known to go back several centuries. Their most notable Alpha was Talia Hale, who possessed the rare ability to shapeshift into a true wolf, a trait that was also inherited by her eldest daughter Laura (who had inherited her Alpha spark upon Talia's death) and her only son Derek (who managed to evolve to full-shift despite only being a Beta at the time).

Culture Edit

There is a relatively strong culture among the international community of werewolves, particularly those who are born, which, for most, includes the belief that their lycanthropy binds them all together as family. For this reason, peaceful packs often see each other as siblings, regardless of their blood ties. and older, more experienced werewolves tend to take it upon themselves to protect and teach those who are recently turned how to adapt to their new lives; for example, Derek Hale told Scott McCall that they were now brothers after Scott had been bitten by Peter Hale, and Scott repeated the sentiment to Liam Dunbar after Scott had given him the Bite. In a similar vein, the sight of the dozens of werewolves from Satomi Ito's pack who had been killed by a modified form of canine distemper brought the typically-unemotional Derek to tears out of sadness for the loss of so many fellow werewolves.

Despite the camaraderie between werewolves of all bloodlines, they are still a predatory species, and battles among and within packs for either political or territorial reasons are not uncommon; this was evidenced by the conflict between the Alpha Pack and the Hale and McCall Packs in order to convince Derek and Scott to join them. However, alliances between packs to fend off a common enemy is also a frequent occurrence, particularly when it involves Werewolf Hunters.

For example, the Hale Pack, Deucalion's original pack, Ennis' original pack and Kali's original pack all gathered in Beacon Hills to determine how they would react to the Argent Hunter family going after the werewolves in the region in the early 2000s. Because of the threat the werewolves face from the Werewolf Hunters, all werewolves are trained to know what to do if they are confronted by Hunters-- fight their way out, hide somewhere away from the rest of the pack so as to not lure the hunters to their den, and heal. This puts enormous pressure on the individuals in the werewolf community to do everything possible to learn control over their transformations so they don't risk exposing themselves to the human population and hunters alike.

There are several rituals used by werewolves that are unique to their species that can be used for various effects. One is a memory manipulation ritual that is typically only performed by Alphas, due to the amount of control and experience necessary to do it without paralyzing or killing the person whose memories are being accessed. To perform the ritual, the Alpha (or an especially experienced Beta, in rare cases) stabs the back of the target's neck with their claws, piercing their spinal cord and making a metaphysical connection to their minds. In most cases, this ritual is used to search through a person's memories and see specific events so that the werewolf can experience a particular memory through the target's eyes, especially in cases where the target has been through a trauma and cannot reliably recall what happened on their own, or when their true memories have been mystically manipulated in some way. This can also work in the reverse, as well, with the werewolf performing the ritual to share their own memories with the target, such as when Peter Hale shared his memories of the Hale House Fire with Scott in Co-Captain.

However, some especially skilled Alphas can also use this ability to suppress or entirely remove memories, such as when Talia removed her brother Peter's memories of his daughter Malia Tate's existence. Because of the amount of risk involved, this ritual, regardless of their intent, is usually performed on supernatural creatures with accelerated healing abilities who can recover from the damage much more quickly than regular humans. However, the ritual has, on several occasions, been done to Banshees, though in Lydia Martin's case, this caused her to become temporarily catatonic, since the person who performed it on her was an inexperienced Chimera.

Another ritual, which, unlike the previous ritual, can only be performed by Alphas, is one that can transfer their Alpha "spark" to a dying Beta in order to heal them, at the cost of their own Alpha powers. When performed, the Alpha absorbs the Beta's pain to the point that the ill Beta absorbs the Alpha power, allowing them to enhance their preexisting healing factor to a high enough level that they can overcome their illness or injury. This ritual has only been demonstrated once in the series, in Season 3's Alpha Pact, when Derek gave up his Alpha powers to heal his younger sister Cora from the mistletoe poisoning inflicted upon her by Jennifer Blake. It is possible this ritual can also be used to voluntarily transfer Alpha power to another Beta in a method similar to a king or queen abdicating a throne, though this has yet to be confirmed in canon.

Finally, there is one last ritual that can allow a werewolf to communicate with the spirit of a deceased werewolf, though this is a risky ritual that is not commonly done. To do this, a werewolf needs the claws of the deceased werewolf in question, along with another werewolf who is willing to push the claws into their cuticles to act as the conduit. The assisting werewolf will then pierce the back of the other werewolf's neck with the claws of the deceased in a modified form of the memory-sharing ritual, which will mystically form a connection with the deceased's spirit inside the main werewolf's mind. Derek Hale performed this ritual with Peter Hale's assistance and Talia Hale's claws, which allowed him to talk to his mother, who informed him that the Hales not only lived in Beacon Hills, but they protected it.

Full Moons Edit

Because a werewolf gains their power from the moon, full moons (and especially on supermoons, when the full moon is even closer to the Earth than it normally is) are when they are at their strongest. However, this also means that their animal instincts and heightened aggression are at their peak as well, which makes them much more likely to lose control and harm or kill someone by accident. This makes werewolves vulnerable to exposure and also makes it easier for them to be captured or killed by hunters, which is why hunters do the majority of their hunting on full moons when werewolves are most likely to make a mistake. Due to this risk, most werewolves are trained to control themselves on a full moon, typically by using an "anchor" to help them retain their humanity.

An anchor can be a person, a relationship with a person, an emotion, an object, a mantra, or even just their own sense of self. For example, Scott McCall's anchor was his relationship with Allison Argent, and after they broke up, it became his own willpower; Derek and Peter Hale's anchors involve focusing on their anger, rage, and hate; Isaac Lahey's anchor is the memory of his father before he became abusive; and Liam Dunbar focuses on not transforming by distracting himself with music on his iPod, and his friendship with Mason Hewitt has also been shown to help him regain control.

Werewolf packs may also have their own methods of training their Betas to maintain control over their lycanthropy. For example, Talia Hale used a sacred object to the Hale family, a Triskelion medallion, in combination with the mantra "Alpha, Beta, Omega" as a tool to help her daughter Laura gain control, and attempted to use it for Derek as well, with little success. Similarly, Satomi Ito's pack recites a Buddhist mantra to help them stay human-- "Three things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon, the truth." To them, the meaning of "the truth" is the fact that werewolves themselves are inherently violent creatures, and they must remember that truth in order to keep themselves under control to prevent unnecessary violence against others.

Until werewolves gain full control of their transformations on full moons using their anchors, they are typically restrained in some way to prevent them from running wild, loose and attacking people. Ideally, this involves locking the wolf in a secured room, like a boiler room, which has a strong enough construction to withstand the werewolf's heightened strength; another method involves tying them up with large amounts of heavy chains, though this is not always strong enough to keep a full-moon-crazed werewolf at bay and is not ideal for long-term use. Werewolves who already had anger issues prior to being turned, such as Liam, who was diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder before he was bitten by Scott, can often have a much harder time learning to control their shifts than the majority of werewolves because a werewolf's anger is already heightened to begin with, and it is usually the trigger for an involuntary transformation.

Supermoons, or full moons that are especially close to the Earth, only make werewolves even stronger and more bloodthirsty and aggressive than on normal full moons; they can feel the effects strongly even during the day when exposure to moonlight is at a minimum, increasing the amount of time during this moon phase that a werewolf must work to resist the moon's influence.

Conversely, a lunar eclipse will suppress a werewolf's powers for the duration of time when the moon is in the earth's umbral shadow, which usually lasts between ten to twenty minutes. During this time, a werewolf will essentially be human, making them vulnerable to hunters or anyone else who may try to take advantage of their lack of powers. Jennifer Blake, also known as the Darach, attempted to use a lunar eclipse to kill Deucalion, a Demon Wolf who ordinarily was far too strong for even her immense powers to defeat.

Werewolf Packs and Hierarchy Edit

The majority of werewolves belong to a pack, due to being social creatures who also benefit from the additional power they gain from the support of their packmates. However, even those werewolves who chose to remain alone still respect the werewolf hierarchy, which breaks all werewolves down into three different groups, as listed below.

Alphas Edit

Alphas are physically the strongest of the werewolf species, and are typically the leaders of their respective packs. Alphas are distinguishable by their glowing crimson-red eyes, and their abilities are exponentially greater than those of most Betas and Omegas. In addition, there are many different kinds of Alphas who take various forms, which are outlined below and sourced from the Argent Bestiary (released at 2014's San Diego Comic-Con and with the Season 4 DVD set). Werewolves can gain the rank of Alpha in several different ways, including by inheritance; by killing another Alpha and stealing their powers (which is one of the most common methods), or, in extremely rare cases, by ascending due to sheer force of will. It has also been implied that it is possible for werewolves to be voluntarily given someone else's Alpha powers as well.

Alphas are the only werewolves who can turn a human into a werewolf via a bite or a deep scratch, and they also have the ability to use their Alpha roar to force Betas and Omegas into submission or motivate them; for example, when Scott used his roar to allow Isaac to remove a trap on his foot in More Bad Than Good, and to help Liam resist the electric shocks of the Eichen House orderlies in Amplification. The injuries they inflict on lower-ranking werewolves takes much longer to heal than a normal wound would because of the additional power they possess. Shapeshiting-wise, an Alpha can either assume the form of what is a typical description of a lycanthrope-- a large bipedal wolf with human-like qualities-- or, in rare cases, the actual form of a wolf. However, the latter is not always limited to Alphas or even real werewolves; for example, Derek Hale evolved to full-shift into a wolf despite being a Beta in Smoke and Mirrors, and Theo Raeken, the Dread Doctors' first Chimera, was able to full-shift into a wolf due to the combination of his werewolf and werecoyote genes despite not even being truly supernatural.

Despite Alphas having advanced shapeshifting abilities, most Alphas don't often shift into their full form, preferring instead to merely change their faces like Betas. While Alphas are typically more powerful physically, this is not always the case. Scott McCall, the only known True Alpha in the Teen Wolf universe, seems to only be as physically powerful as the bonds between him and the members of his pack; when he and the members of his pack are fighting as a unit and supporting each other, Scott (and, by extension, the rest of the pack) can easily dominate their enemies, while when the members are fighting, angry at each other, or ignoring one another, he becomes profoundly weaker, as do the rest of the members.

Regular Alphas Edit

File:Derek alpha form.jpg

Regular Alphas are the most common kind of Alpha werewolf, and usually describe one who has obtained their status by killing another Alpha in battle. Most have a werewolf form that is only slightly more animalistic than their Beta form, but their abilities are significantly greater than the average Beta.

Full Wolf Alphas Edit

File:Talia alpha form.jpg

Full Wolf Alphas are much less common than Regular Alphas, though they have similar physical abilities such as super strength, speed, agility, and healing. Unlike Regular Alphas, however, Full Wolf Alphas can transform into an actual wolf in addition to their human and werewolf forms. These Alphas have so far only been seen in the Hale Family by Talia and Laura Hale. Interestingly enough, Derek Hale was only able to achieve a full wolf shift several months after he had relinquished his Alpha status, and is the only Beta werewolf on the series to have demonstrated such an ability, excluding Theo, who is a Chimera and thus not a true werewolf.

Twin Alphas Edit

File:Alpha twins merged.jpg

Twin Alphas are also an uncommon occurrence. They are twin werewolves who have the ability to form one extra-large werewolf by merging their bodies together, though they maintain a double spine to accommodate their separate spinal cords in order to control their body. When the Twin Alphas are in their individual forms, they don't have the ridged brow and sideburns that other werewolves have when partially transformed; instead, they only have the red glowing eyes, fangs, and claws. The only Twin Alphas introduced in the series have been Ethan and Aiden, who apparently possessed their ability to merge into one werewolf even before they became Alphas, this merging ability gave them the power to to kill their former Alpha, essentially allowing them to share the spark that gave them this power. However, after their neck was snapped by Jennifer Blake while in their merged form, the Alpha part of them died, even despite their individual survivals, which not only demoted them back to Omega status, but also prevented them from being able to merge together again.

Beast Alpha Edit

File:Peter beast alpha form.png

Beast Alphas are somewhat similar to Full Wolf Alphas in that they have a more advanced shapeshifting ability than Regular Alphas, but instead of becoming true wolves, Beast Alphas become a humongous and monstrous animal form, though they retain their human four-curve spine in order to stand upright if necessary. Beast Alphas are also typically very powerful in their beast form and in one case required the use of Molotov cocktails to defeat. Known Beast Alphas are Peter Hale (during his brief time as an Alpha). Scott McCall almost transformed into one during a battle between the combined McCall and Ito Packs and the Deadpool assassins.

Augmented Alphas Edit

File:Deucalion demon wolf.jpg

Augmented Alphas are an uncommon kind of Alpha who choose to become exponentially more powerful by killing and absorbing the mystical power from their own Betas. The knowledge of this ability doesn't seem to be common amongst werewolves, and even Deucalion, the first known Alpha of this kind, admits to having learned it by accident. So far, the only Augmented Alphas introduced in the series are members of the Alpha Pack, which was led by Deucalion, who proclaimed himself to be the "Alpha of Alphas". Deucalion is so powerful that even the Darach, who had sacrificed nine different humans in a Druid sacrifice ritual to gain the power necessary to defeat him, was unable to use telekinesis on him. In his Wolf form, Deucalion's skin turned blue-black with thick fur and gained more muscles, and his forehead and the bridge of his nose became very ridged.

The Alpha Pack. with the exception of Deucalion, had different eyes to the simple crimson irises that regular Alphas have; instead, Ennis and Kali had even darker red eyes with dark black rings around the irises. However, it is possible that they were merely transforming their eyes more than usual, as Ennis possessed these eyes before killing his Betas, and Scott's red eyes became larger with black around it when almost transforming into the beast form. What makes an Augmented Alpha more dangerous than a "regular" Alpha is that they can collectively possess the power of an entire pack due to absorbing and collecting the powers of their slaughtered Betas. The act of killing their own Betas seems to corrupt them, as Deucalion was previously described as a visionary who sought peace, and insisted to Derek that only killing one of his own Betas would be enough to make him want to voluntarily kill the rest, suggesting that that doing so can make an Alpha crave more and more power. Known Augmented Alphas besides Deucalion are Kali and Ennis.

True Alpha Edit

File:Scott's monstrous form.png

True Alphas are rarest of their kind, and only appear in the werewolf world once every century at most, to the point where there is only one known True Alpha in the entire history of the series. True Alphas are Beta werewolves whose virtue, strength of will, and connection to their humanity is so great that they can literally will themselves to ascend to Alpha status without inheriting or stealing the power from another Alpha. Because they literally produce their own Alpha "spark," it cannot be stolen by any werewolf unless they were personally bitten by the True Alpha in question-- if a Beta who had no relation to the True Alpha succeeded in killing them, they would remain a Beta. Only one True Alpha, Scott McCall, has appeared in the series thus far. The difference between a "normal" Alpha and a True Alpha is simply how they become Alphas, other than that they are the same and like all Alphas, they can shift into a beast form. Scott once briefly took on a more monstrous, beast-like appearance during a battle with Deadpool assassins. It also appears that Scott's powers are tied to the strength of the bonds between him and the members of his pack, but it is unknown if this is specific to True Alphas or merely a psychological effect, as a werewolf's powers can be affected by their psychological state; for example, Scott couldn't heal because he thought he was responsible for Derek's death, and later in the series he gained a second wind and defeated Peter after his Beta tried to help him, whereas before that, Peter held the upper-hand in their battle.

Betas Edit

File:Beta wolf liam.png
File:Jackson beta wolf 2.png

Beta werewolves are werewolves who belong to a pack and who are one rank below an Alpha werewolf. Betas are usually loyal to their Alphas and to each other, and will defer to their Alpha's judgment in most cases, though there have been instances when a Beta has risen to the occasion and killed their Alpha due to lack of confidence in their leadership or out of thirst for power. Beta werewolves possess the same supernatural abilities and physical characteristics of the average werewolf, including a pronounced brow, sideburns, fangs, and claws. However, Beta werewolves' eyes can be either one of two colors: gold, or blue. Betas with gold eyes are believed to be werewolves who have never taken an innocent human life, whereas Betas with blue eyes have taken innocent human life. The strength level of Betas' powers can vary as well, with some Betas, such as Liam Dunbar, who has intermittent explosive disorder, being much more physically strong than their peers due to channeling their anger into more raw strength.

Omegas Edit

File:Unknown Omega Werewolf.png
Omega werewolves, also known as "lone wolves," are werewolves who do not belong to a pack. There are many reasons why a werewolf may not have a pack, such as being kicked out or abandoned by their former pack, being the sole survivor of a pack who had been killed by hunters or other supernaturals, or, in rare cases, have chosen solitude over the security of a pack. Because werewolves are naturally drawn to be in packs due to the additional power they gain from it, Omega werewolves are known to be the weakest and are extremely vulnerable to hunters. In some rare instances, such as with Ethan and Aiden, Omegas will technically run with a pack without fully being a Beta within it; Ethan once described their status in their first pack as being "the bitches," as in the wolves who are the last to eat and who are always at the mercy of the Betas and Alphas above them. However, aside from traveling or living alone, Omegas are physically indistinguishable from Beta werewolves-- they will still have either gold or blue eyes (and, on rare occasions, Alpha red) and will have the same general werewolf form as any other lycanthrope. Since an Omega is a lone wolf, any Alpha without a pack could technically be considered an "Omega" but would certainly not be as weak.

"Demon Wolf" Edit

Sebastien Valet, who was in fact the the Beast of Gevaudan, referred to himself as a Demon Wolf, claiming that drinking rainwater from a wolf's paw print is what gave him his powers. Whether the term is accurate or not is irrelevant, as the Beast itself has demonstrated that even in the past, it was not a typical werewolf in the least. The sole similarity Sebastien had to regular werewolves was the ability to transform partially into a werewolf with glowing blue eyes (indicating he has taken innocent human life), retractable fangs and claws, along with the physical powers of super strength, speed, agility/reflexes, durability, and accelerated healing. He also implied that he was immortal and unable to be killed with conventional weapons, though this may solely be because he originated in the 18th century when weaponry was not as sophisticated. It was later revealed that there was at least one object that could kill him-- a pike whose steel tip was mixed with wolfsbane and mountain ash before it was forged with the blood of his sister, Marie-Jeanne Valet.

Otherwise, his shapeshifting abilities are completely unique, as instead of transforming his body into a partially or fully lupine form, he summons shadows from the earth and wraps them around himself until he has grown into a nine-feet-tall, enormous, muscular beast-like wolf with red veins protruding from his skin and bone-like spikes coming from his elbows. When his spirit was resurrected by the Dread Doctors, it was put into the body of a genetic Chimera named Mason Hewitt, who then gained all of the abilities that Sebastien previously possessed and was slowly subsumed by Sebastien until his body literally transformed into Sebastien's former visage. However, since energy and life force cannot be totally destroyed, Mason lived on inside of him and was ultimately rescued by the McCall Pack. Deucalion, an Augmented Alpha, has often been referred to as "The Demon Wolf," but this is merely a nickname, whereas Sebastien as the Beast of Gevaudan was literally a demon-wolf.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

A werewolf possesses the following powers. The strength of their individual powers are generally based on their rank. In terms of the hierarchy, Alphas are the strongest, followed by Betas, and then Omegas at the weakest end of the spectrum.

  • Super Strength: Werewolves possess superhuman levels of strength that allow them to break through chains and deadbolt locks, punch through brick and marble walls, and throw grown men across a room with ease. Werewolves have been seen using their strength to snap a person's neck with one hand, flipping overturned vehicles back on their wheels, and bending rebar with their bare hands to use as weapons.
  • Super Speed: Werewolves can run much faster than even the most athletic human beings. They can also run on all fours, hands and feet, in both human and in werewolf form.
  • Super Agility/Reflexes: Werewolves possess supernaturally enhanced agility and reflexes that allow them to leap very high and across large distances, jump from several stories up and land lightly on their feet, and perform a multitude of acrobatic, gymnastic and martial feats such as flips, handsprings, and spinning kicks. They can also process moving objects much better than humans can, allowing them to catch projectiles in mid-air and dodge speeding bullets before they can be hit.
  • Super Durability: Though werewolves can still be receive open wounds like any other creature, they are much more durable to blunt force trauma than the regular human, allowing them to be thrown through walls and from tall heights with only minor injuries.
  • Heightened Senses: Werewolves, like their wolf counterparts, have extremely sensitive senses of sight, hearing, and smell. They can see in the dark and across large distances, track scents for up to several miles and can hear whispered conversations across great distances and from outside of buildings with ease. Using their sense of smell in particular they can interpret the chemosignals that indicate identity and emotional states. These abilities help werewolves fight at night, hear approaching enemies, and locate missing people by scent. A werewolf's glowing eyes can also be used to see mystical or supernatural phenomenon that cannot be perceived by human eyes, such as a Nemeton, or a Kitsune's aura. It's also been revealed that werewolves can sense sexual desire through scent.
  • Accelerated Healing: Werewolves possess an extraordinarily enhanced healing factor that allows them to heal from most mild to moderate wounds within moments. They have been shown to heal quickly from gunshots, stab wounds through the chest, abdomen and extremities, and broken arms, legs, and spines, but not from a broken neck. They are also immune to most human illnesses and conditions such as colds, cancer, epilepsy, asthma, etc, and cannot get high on drugs or drunk on alcohol because they heal too quickly. The only substances that werewolves are not immune to are wolfsbane, mistletoe and the modified canine distemper virus that was specifically designed to kill supernatural creatures. They are also vulnerable to the paralytic effects of Kanima venom, though with instruction they can heal from it much faster than a regular human would.
    • Longevity: Because a werewolf's rapid cellular healing prevents them from contracting any human illness or condition and replaces aging cells at a constant rate, werewolves have a tremendously extended lifespan. It is unknown what the average life expectancy of a werewolf is, but the oldest known werewolf is Satomi Ito, an Alpha werewolf who is over 110 years old and who maintains the physical appearance of a woman in her late 50s to early 60s.
  • Shapeshifting: Werewolves have the ability to shape their features into that of a partially lupine form, which involves glowing eyes, fangs, claws, a ridged brow, and large sideburns. With practice, werewolves can learn how to only transform a few selective features as needed, such as only extending their claws to cut something, their fangs to bite something, or simply making their eyes glow to enhance their eyesight or display their supernatural nature.
    • Advanced Shapeshifting: Some werewolves, typically Alphas (though occasionally Betas and Omegas as well), can shapeshift into more animalistic forms, such as transforming into a full wolf, or into a more beast-like monstrous form.
  • Pain Absorption: Werewolves have the ability to absorb pain from animals, humans, and other creatures through tactile contact. This is usually done by touching the person who is in pain, or the injured body part and drawing the pain into themselves, which manifests as the werewolf's veins darkening as their body processes it. Initially, a werewolf can only essentially "take the edge off" of a person's pain level, but with practice, they can eventually learn to take it completely.
  • Memory Sharing Ritual: All werewolves technically have the ability to perform a memory-sharing ritual, but it is most commonly performed by Alphas due to the level of control and practice required to avoid harm or death towards the target. By sticking their claws into the back of a person's neck, they can view the person's memories, share their own memories with the target, or even suppress or remove memories entirely.
  • Animal Instincts: Werewolves are apex predators, and, as such, they can assert dominance over other animals such as dogs, cats and deer. They can use this ability to force them to be quiet or leave the area, or to stand down if they are acting aggressively. As a result, these animals can often be frightened by the presence of werewolves. They also have natural animal instincts that allow them to think as true animals do, though some werewolves are more in-tune with these instincts than others.
  • The Bite: (Alphas only) Alphas have the ability to turn regular humans into werewolves by biting them (or, in some rare cases, by scratching them very deeply). However, this transformation is not always successful, and depending on the condition of the human, there is a risk that they could die instead of becoming a werewolf. It is also possible that an Alpha bite or scratch can cause a human to turn into a different kind of creature, such as a Kanima or werejaguar.
  • Alpha Roar: (Alphas only) Alphas have the ability to roar so powerfully that they can scare away weaker creatures and force Betas and Omegas to submit, to transform into werewolf form, or to return to human form. This roar can also empower the members of their pack, allowing them to fight through serious injuries enough to access their powers, which are often weakened or inaccessible when the werewolf is in extreme pain. This was demonstrated when Scott's roar allowed Isaac to transform enough to break the coyote trap on his ankle, and allowed Liam to fight through the taser he was being injured with to defeat the Eichen House orderlies attacking him.
  • Healing Disruption: (Alphas only) Alphas possess a mystical energy that causes injuries they inflict on lower-ranking supernatural creatures with accelerated healing abilities to take much longer to heal than a normal wound would.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Wolfsbane: Wolfsbane, also known as aconite, is an extremely toxic herb for werewolves, though different strains have different effects. Most wolfsbane will kill a werewolf if it reaches their heart, though it can be cleared by ingesting the ashes of the exact same strain that poisoned them, or by literally burning out a wound that has been made by a wolfsbane-laced weapon.
  • Electricity: Werewolves are incredibly vulnerable to electricity, which, for unknown reasons, seems to interfere with the nature of their abilities. For this reason, hunters have been known to use cattle-prod tasers to incapacitate wolves in order to capture them, and will hook them up to car batteries with electrical wires in order to torture them. Lower voltages will simply prevent a wolf from transforming or healing, while higher voltages can easily knock out or even kill a werewolf.
  • Letharia Vulpina: Letharia Vulpina, a species of lichen known as "wolf lichen," is a neon-green moss that has been used for centuries to poison wolves, foxes, and coyotes by mixing it in with their food. Though this lichen does not appear to be fatal to werewolves, werecoyotes, and kitsunes, it does seem to weaken them considerably for several days until it wears off.
  • Modified Canine Distemper Virus: An assassin in the Deadpool named The Chemist invented a modified version of the canine distemper virus that can weaken and kill werewolves. Those who are exposed to this virus will begin to sweat before slowly losing control over their transformations, either because they can't transform into a werewolf or because they can't transform back into a human. It then starts to cause them to begin bleeding black blood from their noses, ears, mouths, and nail-beds, and to develop darkened veins around their eyes, mouth, and temples. From there, the werewolf is then stricken completely blind, after which point they will only have minutes to live. Fortunately, it has been discovered that ingesting wild purple reishi mushrooms are both a cure and a vaccine for this virus.
  • Full Moon: Though being a werewolf is considered a gift in the supernatural community due to the increased strength, speed, stamina, and healing abilities that it provides, it also comes with a price, which is that the werewolf becomes extremely feral, bloodthirsty, and easy to anger on the full moon, when they are at the height of their power. For this reason, werewolves must be trained to control themselves on full moons in order to prevent harm and exposure to bystanders and to avoid the wrath of the werewolf hunters who patrol wooded areas during the nights of the full moon for just such a loss of control.
  • Intense Emotions: The transformation into a wolf can be easily triggered by intense emotions such as anger, fear, stress, or any other sensation that increases the heart rate, which, especially for newly-bitten werewolves, puts them at risk of losing control and can result in harm to innocent civilians, exposure to the human world, and can also put the werewolf at risk of being killed by a hunter as punishment for anything they did while transformed.
  • Lunar Eclipse: During the phase of a lunar eclipse where the moon is completely covered by the Earth's umbral shadow, werewolves will be cut off from the source of their powers and will be subsequently reverted the state of a normal human for the duration. Though this phase typically only lasts 10-20 minutes, it is still a very vulnerable period for werewolves, which makes it an excellent opportunity for hunters and less-powerful supernatural creatures to attack, as a werewolf will be unable to access their enhanced strength, shapeshifting, and healing abilities.
  • Mountain Ash: Rowan wood, or the ashes that result from burning it, are effective barriers against the supernatural, including werewolves. If a building is surrounded by rowan or mountain ash in an unbroken circle, a werewolf will be unable to enter it, nor will they be able to leave it if they are in the building when the circle was created. For this reason, many Druids and other humans who are "in the know" use mountain ash in order to protect themselves or to create traps for werewolves and other supernatural creatures.

Known Werewolves Edit

Scott McCallEdit

True Alpha; bitten

Scott McCall is a True Alpha and leader of the McCall Pack, a pack that is truly unique and unlike any other known pack due to the fact that it is not solely composed of werewolves; as of Season 5, this pack includes Scott, his two true Beta werewolves, a Beta-level werecoyote, a Banshee, a Thunder Kitsune, his close human friends and a Druid Emissary. Before Scott was bitten and became a werewolf, he was just an ordinary, asthmatic teenage boy with an ordinary life, until he was bitten by an Alpha werewolf in the woods one Sunday night, who was later revealed to be Peter Hale. Overnight, Scott became faster, stronger and better in just about every way, though because of the multitude of dangers becoming supernatural caused him, in addition to the fact that he struggled to gain control, he initially saw the bite as a curse rather than a gift. However, as time progressed, he not only learned control, but learned what it meant to be a lycanthrope and began using his powers for good, finally realizing that the bite really was a gift after all.

He uses his powers to his advantage by making it his duty to protect his town and everyone in it, and though he's learned through the year or so he's been a werewolf that he cannot save everyone, that hasn't stopped him from trying. In Currents, it was revealed that Scott is a rarity in that he was a True Alpha, a Beta whose virture, character, and strength of will allowed him to rise to the status of Alpha without killing or stealing the powers of another. Because True Alphas are so rare that they do appear more than once every century or more, this has caused many supernaturals and pseudo-supernaturals to come to Beacon Hills to either attempt to steal his power or to use it for their own ends. Scott's powers seemed to be tied to the strength of his relationships with his fellow packmates-- when they are working as a cohesive unit, Scott's strength can be extraordinary, whereas when they are angry with one another and fighting amongst themselves, their fractured bonds are evidenced by Scott's lack of physical strength, though this usually only proves to be temporary due to the love and loyalty they all feel toward each other. It is also likely this is merely a psychological effect as a werewolf's powers can be influenced by their mental state.

Derek HaleEdit

Evolved Blue-eyed Beta; born

Derek was born into the legendary Hale family and their equally-respected Hale Pack. His mother was the renowned evolved Alpha Talia Hale, though his father's identity and species remains unknown at this time. After losing most of his family in the Hale House Fire that was set by Kate Argent in late 2004/early 2005, he left town with his sister Laura, and lived in New York for the next several years. He later returned to his hometown after learning that Laura had died during her investigation of a werewolf vendetta in Beacon Hills. After learning that the werewolf who had killed Laura, taken her Alpha powers, and subsequently bitten Scott McCall was his own uncle, Peter Hale, Derek killed him and became an Alpha.

Shortly after his ascension to Alpha, Derek learned that the universally-feared Alpha Pack had plans to come to Beacon Hills and recruit him, he began building his pack to help defend himself against them, biting and turning Jackson Whittemore, Isaac Lahey, Erica Reyes, and Vernon Boyd, though only the latter three ended up joining his pack. However, Derek became preoccupied with gaining power, which led him to be a very poor leader who, like his uncle Peter, used fear, pain, and violence to train his Betas, leading Boyd and Erica to leave the pack in favor of fleeing Beacon Hills, and causing Isaac to defect from Derek's pack and join the McCall Pack instead. After his sister Cora was fatally poisoned with mistletoe, Derek finally made the decision to sacrifice his Alpha spark and powers to heal her, reverting back to Omega status; once the Alpha Pack and the Darach were defeated, Derek left Beacon Hills with his recently-returned sister Cora and went to South America for a short time.

When he returned around a month later, he had a much more optimistic, patient, and loyal attitude, realizing that Scott had what it took to be a good leader and deciding to use his knowledge and abilities to mentor him and aid the McCall Pack in their mission to protect Beacon Hills rather than trying to gain power as he once did. Derek was abducted and brought to Mexico's La Iglesia, where he was temporarily de-aged by the werejaguar Kate Argent, and when he subsequently felt his powers weakening, he believed that Kate had done something to cause him to become human again. However, in the final battle against Kate and Peter in Smoke and Mirrors, it was revealed that Derek wasn't losing his powers-- in fact, he was evolving to the point where not only were his powers restored, but he gained the ability to fully shift like his mother and sister before him. He then decided to leave Beacon Hills once again, choosing to travel with his girlfriend Braeden and search for the Desert Wolf. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Isaac LaheyEdit

Gold-eyed Beta; bitten

Isaac beta form (3)

Isaac Lahey was a student at Beacon Hills High School and a member of the lacrosse team who was horrifically abused by his father, Mr. Lahey, whose preferred punishment for Isaac was locking him in a freezer in the basement when he "misbehaved." He also worked at the Beacon Hills Cemetery that his father owned, which is where he was found being nearly attacked by a rogue Omega one night by Derek Hale. Derek, seeing that Isaac sought power to stand up to his father, offered him the bite, making him the second human Derek had bitten and turned since becoming an Alpha and the first to officially join his new pack.

Because he felt powerless his entire life, Isaac very much enjoyed the strength he gained from lycanthropy. Shortly after he was bitten, his father threw a glass at him for getting a D in Chemistry, and his newly-gained supernatural nature was then revealed when Isaac's wounds healed right before his father's eyes. When Isaac then made a run for it, Mr. Lahey chased after him and was subsequently killed by the Kanima, and the well-known abuse Isaac sustained from his father made him the prime suspect of his murder, which led to Isaac being locked up in jail during his first full moon. Fortunately, he was rescued by Derek and Stiles Stilinski, and he was then able to live with Derek and learn how to use his powers along with his new packmates Erica and Boyd.

However, in time, Boyd and Erica decided to leave when the threat of the Argent hunters became too great, and Isaac, seeing that Scott McCall was a different kind of werewolf than what he had experienced, one who wanted to use his powers to do the right thing and help others, Isaac began getting closer to him. When Derek, fearing the Alpha Pack's intention of recruiting him would cause Isaac to die, kicked Isaac out of his house, forcing him to move in with Scott and his mother Melissa McCall to avoid being homeless. This ended up being a good situation for him, however, and he ended up becoming an honorary member of the McCall Family. Before long, Isaac grew tired of Derek's poor decision-making out of the stress of the Alpha Pack's manipulations and defected to the McCall Pack, becoming one of Scott's first Betas despite having not being bitten by him. He continued to fight with the McCall Pack until after the defeat of the Nogitsune and the Oni, as he was so upset by the death of his girlfriend and good friend Allison Argent that he decided to travel to France with Chris Argent.

Cora HaleEdit

Gold-eyed Beta; born

Cora Hale is the daughter of Talia Hale, the younger sister of Laura and Derek Hale, and the niece of Peter Hale. She was eleven years old at the time of the Hale House Fire and was not only in the house when the arson occurred, but was also one of the two sole survivors and the only one who escape without injury. Believing her entire family to be dead, Cora went on the run, ultimately ending up in South America where she settled down with a werewolf pack there. In the spring of 2011, she heard rumor of a powerful new Hale Alpha who was building a pack, and was so stunned to hear that some of her family survived that she immediately traveled back to Beacon Hills, only to be captured by the Alpha Pack and locked in the vault of First National Bank for three month as leverage against Derek, who they sought to recruit to their ranks.

After escaping and reuniting with her brother Derek and uncle Peter, she became a Beta in Derek's pack and worked together with the members of what would become the McCall Pack in an effort to take the Alpha Pack down. She was so devastated by the death of her close friend and former cellmate Vernon Boyd at the hands of the Alphas that she went after one of their lower-ranking members, Aiden, and attempted to kill him in retribution, only to be seriously injured in the process. To make matters worse, she had unknowingly been poisoned with mistletoe by the Darach, Jennifer Blake, who sought to use her as leverage to gain Derek's assistance against the Alphas. When it became clear that Cora was at the brink of death, Derek decided to sacrifice his Alpha spark in a ritual to heal her, which was ultimately successful. Afterward, Cora makes the choice to return to her former pack in South America, since Derek's return to Beta status meant that the Hale Pack was essentially disbanded.

Peter HaleEdit

Blue-eyed Omega; born

Peter is the brother of the renowned and very respected Alpha Talia Hale, whose power and authority Peter was always jealous of and coveted. He was one of two survivors of the Hale House Fire, but suffered third-degree burns on at least 75% of his body, injuries so severe that his werewolf healing put him into a coma for six years in order to slowly regenerate his injured tissue. According to Peter, being in a coma is like hell for a werewolf because they are fully aware and cognizant of what is going on, but are unable to move, essentially being trapped in their own bodies.

This experience caused Peter to be overwhelmed with madness, as the knowledge of what happened in the fire, the fact that it could have been prevented had his sister listened to his concerns about the Argents, and his inability to do anything but get lost in his own mind causd him to become even more corrupt and sociopathic. However, after six years, he finally healed enough that he was able to start transforming on full moons again, and each one caused him to heal a little more until he was able to kill his niece Laura and absorb her Alpha powers, allowing him to heal all the way. He then dedicated himself to building a pack, starting with biting Scott McCall in the Beacon Hills Preserve one night while he and Stiles Stilinski were searching for Laura's body. He then started getting revenge, killing everyone who was involved in the conspiracy to set the Hale House Fire, culminating in what he believed was the murder of Kate Argent (though, unbeknownst to him, she survived and transformed into a werejaguar due to his deep scratches). He was ultimately killed by Derek to prevent him from killing any more people and to gain his power, Peter's Alpha spark and status was absorbed by him as a result.

However, since Peter had bitten and attacked Lydia Martin (who, unknown to anyone at the time, was a Banshee) prior to his death, he was able to survive as a spirit or apparition in her mind, and he spent the next few months haunting her until the Worm Moon (the full moon in March), when he manipulated her into performing a ritual to resurrect him. Afterward, Peter's motives were never quite clear, especially since he occasionally helped the Beacon Hills supernatural community when necessary. It was later revealed that he resented his former Beta Scott McCall for having the True Alpha powers that Peter believed he did not deserve, and he attempted to kill Scott and take his power by working with Kate Argent, who turned Scott into a Berserker. Unfortunately for him, his plan failed-- Scott returned to his werewolf form and defeated him in battle, incapacitating him with yellow wolfsbane and allowing him to be imprisoned in the supernatural ward at Eichen House.

Liam DunbarEdit

Gold-eyed Beta; bitten

Liam was kicked out of his old school, Devenford Prep for destroying his teacher's car. He arrived at Beacon Hills High School, where he immediately joined the lacrosse team and demonstrated tremendous skill in the game. His speed, agility, and endurance were so impressive that Stiles Stilinski believed him to already be supernatural before he had ever been bitten. After he sprained his ankle during lacrosse practice, he was brought to the hospital, where he was treated by his stepfather, Dr. Geyer. Unfortunately for Liam, Sean Walcott, a fellow high-schooler who had been admitted to the hospital aftr the brutal murder of his family by The Mute, was revealed to be a Wendigo whose hunger became so intense that he dragged Liam up to the roof to eat him.

Before Sean could harm him, he was confronted by Scott McCall in werewolf form, and when Scott lunged for him, Sean pushed Liam so hard he toppled over the edge of the roof, barely managing to hang onto the edge by his fingertips to avoid falling. Scott attempted to pull him up, but Sean yanked his arms behind his back to prevent this, leaving Scott no choice but to bite Liam on the arm after he slipped so he wouldn't die in the fall. It was not revealed until after Liam's bite had healed through his new superhuman healing ability that he had intermittent explosive disorder, or I.E.D, which made it difficult to control his anger. However, Liam quickly warmed up to Scott, and Derek Hale informed them that LIam was one of the strongest Betas he had ever seen at that age as a result of his anger empowering him. Liam has finally managed to control himself on full moons and seems to be able to use his abilities to great effect, though Theo Raeken was able to take advantage of the influence of the supermoon to convince him to attack and kill Scott. Liam almost succeeded in killing his Alpha and good friend, and was only stopped by the appearance of his best friend Mason, who informed him of the (temporary) death of his girlfriend Hayden Romero, who was later resurrected and given the bite from Scott as well.

Vernon BoydEdit

Gold-eyed Beta; bitten

Boyd attended Beacon Hills High School, where he was a member of the Air Force ROTC. He was also a loner who often sat in solitude at lunch. Because of this loneliness, Boyd eagerly accepted Derek Hale's offer of the bite and successfully transitioned into a werewolf, becoming a member of the Hale Pack who became his close friends. Because of his immense strength and quiet intelligence, Derek seemed to consider him his second-in-command, bringing him with him to deal with matters such as talking to werewolf hunters or attempting to convince Scott to allow them to enact their plan to eliminate the Kanima.

During this time, Boyd also became incredibly close to his fellow Beta and packmate Erica Reyes. When the threat of the Argent hunters became too great to handle, Boyd and Erica informed Derek that they were leaving his pack to find another somewhere else in California. However, when they left, they were first captured by Gerard Argent, who tortured them with electricity until they were freed by Chris Argent. To make matters worse, they were captured a second time when they attempted to flee again, this time by the Alpha Pack, who kept them both hostage in the bank vault of First National Bank, along with Cora Hale. He was devastated by the death of Erica at Kali's hands, but managed to be rescued by Derek, Scott McCall, and Allison Argent. Unfortunately, his time outside of captivity was limited, as he was killed by Kali, Ethan and Aiden, who used Derek's claws to impale Boyd's chest after he had been weakened by electricity that impeded his healing ability.

Erica ReyesEdit

Gold-eyed Beta; bitten

Erica was a student at Beacon Hills High School, and like her close friend Boyd, she was a loner due to her appearance and her epilepsy, which made her something of a pariah at school after a seizure caused her to urinate herself in front of her fellow students at school. This led her to happily accept Derek Hale's offer of lycanthropy, and once she was bitten and successfully became a Beta werewolf, her epilepsy was cured and her appearance became even more glamorous.

However, just like with Boyd, Erica became overwhelmed with the constant threat of death, both from the hunters and from the Kanima, which led her and Boyd to make the decision to leave the pack in favor of finding a new one in a safer locale. Unfortunately, she and Boyd were captured twice in a row; first by Gerard Argent, and again by the Alpha Pack. During her second time as a hostage, where the Alpha Pack locked her, Boyd, and the newly-discovered younger sister of Derek named Cora in the vault of the First National Bank, she grew tired of captivity and attacked one of the Alphas, Kali, who easily slaughtered her and left her to die in front of her friends and fellow hostages. Her death would not be discovered by the Hale Pack and McCall Pack members until after they freed Boyd and Cora.

Jackson WhittemoreEdit

Blue-eyed Beta; bitten

After his biological parents died in a car accident while he was still in the womb, his recently-deceased mother was rushed to the hospital to have an emergency cesarean section, leading to Jackson's successful birth. He was then adopted by David Whittemore. Esq and his unnamed wife, who raised him as their own. Due to the family's wealth, Jackson grew up to be entitled, arrogant, and extremely self-absorbed; he was given whatever he wanted, including a brand-new Porsche, and he strove to become the best at everything he tried.

As a result, Jackson became captain of the lacrosse team as a freshman, an impressive feat that gained him the interest of Lydia Martin, who was then the Queen Bee and mean-girl of the high school, and who eventually became his girlfriend. After Scott McCall became a werewolf, his newly-gained supernatural powers gave him the edge in lacrosse and led to him becoming co-captain of the team with Jackson, enraging him so much that he vowed to find out what the cause of Scott's impressive athletic abilities at any cost. When he learned Scott was a werewolf, he blackmailed Scott into helping him become one as well by threatening to expose him to Scott's girlfriend Allison, the daughter of a legendary hunter family.

Since Scott, who was then only a Beta, could not give Jackson the bite himself, he then began seeking out Peter to bite him instead. Jackson then went after Derek, who had recently killed Peter and become an Alpha himself. Derek, who was tired of Jackson's power-hungry nature, decided to give him the bite, hoping that it would end up killing him instead of turning him. Though he initially appeared to reject the bite by expelling black fluid from his nose, mouth, and ears, Jackson seemingly didn't transform into a supernatural creature at all.

However, unbeknownst to anyone at the time, Jackson had actually transformed into a Kanima, a shapeshifter considered to be a mutated version of a werewolf, with reptilian scales, double-rowed fangs, talons that secrete a paralytic venom, and a prehensile tail. Kanimas seek out a master to control them as part of their nature, which led to both Matt Daehler and Gerard Argent using Jackson as their own supernatural assassin to kill whomever they believed deserved it. Fortunately for Jackson, the Beacon Hills supernaturals were able to successfully turn him into a real werewolf after Lydia (who, unknown to anyone else at the time, is a Banshee whose powers can be used for various effects) called out his name and gave him back his key, a symbol of their relationship. This helped him resolve his internal conflicts and transform into a blue-eyed Beta. Afterward, he sought out Derek for help in learning control before he and his family moved to London.

Talia HaleEdit

Evolved Alpha; born

Talia Hale was the former Alpha of the Hale Pack and the matriarch of the Hale family. She was the mother of Laura, Derek and Cora Hale and the sister of Peter Hale. She was a well respected Alpha in the supernatural community due to the fact that she possessed the rare ability to fully shift into a dark brown wolf with crimson eyes. As a result, she became an adviser to the werewolf community, and other Alphas looked to her for guidance in tough situations. Though she died before the start of the series, she has always been implied to be extremely powerful, wise, and benevolent, and she strongly believed that being an apex predator didn't mean that werewolves had to be killers. According to Peter, everyone wanted to be in her good graces, which sometimes led to werewolves doing her favors in exchange for her support.

Laura HaleEdit

Evolved Alpha; born

Before the Hale House Fire, Laura was an active member of the Hale Pack and appeared to be her mother Talia's second-in-command, as she not only was allowed to attend the "Alpha summit" between the Hale Pack, and the original packs of Deucalion, Kali, and Ennis, but also had her opinion respected just as much as her mother's. This indicates that Talia may have been training her to eventually succeed her as Alpha of the pack. After the fire, Laura presumably inherited the Alpha spark from her mother after her death, and she and Derek fled Beacon Hills, ending up in New York, where they lived for several years.

In late 2010/early 2011, Laura was drawn back to Beacon Hills after a dead deer was found there with a spiral burned into its fur, the werewolf symbol for vendetta. While there, she was attacked and killed by her uncle, Peter, who killed her and took her Alpha powers in order to heal himself of his severe burns from the fire. Laura Hale was a evolved Alpha, which seems to imply that she was just as powerful as she was.

Brett TalbotEdit

Gold-eyed Beta; born

Brett is a student at Devenford Prep as well as a former lacrosse teammate of Liam Dunbar. He is a born werewolf, just like his younger sister Lorilee, and, like Derek, Laura, and Cora Hale, his family also perished in a fire that left himself and Lorilee orphans. They were both eventually taken in by Satomi Ito, who also welcomed them into her werewolf pack. As members of the pack, Brett is a Buddhist who uses the "sun, moon, truth" mantra to help him maintain control.

He was initially introduced as Lima's enemy from his former school, who wanted to get even with him after Liam, in an IED rage, destroyed their coach's car. However, this rivalry ended during the Deadpool assassinations (during which Brett's name was on the hit-list for $1 million dollars), when Liam's Alpha Scott McCall, along with the members of his pack, protected and defended Brett and the rest of Satomi's pack from the assassins. From then on, Brett realized that Scott's influence had changed Liam for the better, and the two then began bonding over their shared lycanthropy and are now allies, if not friends.

Lorilee RohrEdit

Gold-eyed Beta; born

Lori is the younger sister of Brett Talbot, who is her only surviving blood relative after the fire that killd her family. Like Brett, Lorilee is a Beta in Satomi's Pack and is one of the youngest members, though she seems to have complete control over her transformations. As with the rest of her pack, Lorilee was first introduced as a target on the Deadpool hit-list, with her value being $250,000, and she worked with the McCall Pack to keep them all safe from assassins. She has been raised a Buddhist, and knows how to fluently speak Japanese, likely due to her relationship with Satomi. She is also a very good fighter, as she was able to hold her own in a fight against the Thunder Kitsune Kira Yukimura, who was even more powerful as a result of her inner Fox spirit gaining control over her body. Considering her lack of fighting skills during the Deadpool, it is likely that Satomi taught her packmates how to fight and defend themselves in case something like that ever happened again.

Demarco MontanaEdit

Gold-eyed Beta; Unknown

Demarco was a Beta in Satomi's Pack who was first introduced as a delivery man for a liquor store, who delivered kegs and other kinds of alcohol. He delivered a keg to the party being thrown at Lydia's family's lake house on the night of a full moon. When he saw his tires had been slashed, he briefly lost control, only regaining it by repeating his pack's mantra, "the sun, the moon, the truth." Unfortunately, he was then attacked and killed by the young assassin named Violet, who used her thermo-wire garrote to decapitate him before snapping a picture and receiving his bounty of $250,000, revealing that she and her boyfriend/partner Garrett had purposely ordered the keg to lure him to the party to kill him.

Carrie HudsonEdit

Gold-eyed Beta; Unknown

Carrie Hudson was a young, 25-year-old Beta in Satomi's Pack who was first introduced as a name on the Deadpool hit-list for $500,000. One night, she found herself being hunted by Violet at Beacon Hill High School, who had used her thermo-wire garrote necklace to cut off Carrie's right hand. Carrie hid in a school bus to try to recover enough to flee for good, quietly reciting her pack's mantra to calm herself down, but she was eventually found by Violet inside. Despite only having one hand, she managed to use her claws to defeat Violet before escaping the bus, running into Garrett, who was driving his SUV and who pretended to be a fellow shapeshifter being pursued by Violet. Carrie made the mistake of believing this story and got into his SUV, where he locked the doors and used his weapon of choice, a forked blade, to stab her to death, allowing him and Violet to collect her bounty.

Satomi ItoEdit

Alpha, bitten

During World War II, Satomi Ito was rounded up by the American government and sent to Camp Oak Creek, an internment camp for Japanese and Japanese-American people that was created out of fear that they were secretly spies. While there, Satomi was apparently bitten by an Alpha and was forced to learn control while essentially imprisoned with hundreds of other fellow people of Japanese heritage. She made friends with a fellow internee, Noshiko Yukimura, a Celestial Kitsune hiding her own supernatural nature in the camp, and became known for playing the Japanese strategy game Go, which she used to keep herself calm and prevent herself from transforming.

Unfortunately, Satomi's true nature was revealed one night after a riot broke out in the camp following the revelation that several MPs and the camp physician had been selling the medications meant for the campers on the black market for extra money, an act that led to many people in the camp dying of pneumonia due to lack of antibiotics. During the riot, Satomi was pistol-whipped across the face by an MP named Merrick, which healed in front of everyone's eyes as her irises began to glow gold and her claws and fangs extended. Overwhelmed by rage and her transformation, Satomi grabbed a lit Molotov cocktail from a fellow internee and threw it at the car where the guilty physician was hiding and attempting to escape, hitting Noshiko's lover, Corporal Rhys, and causing his body to burst into flames. He ultimately died from his wounds, since the physician had also sold the morphine, and the guilt of having taken the life of one of the few Army soldiers willing to defend the internees changed Satomi's life forever.

Sometime afterward, she became an Alpha, likely by killing another Alpha and taking their power, and she eventually became a Buddhist who preached peace unless absolutely necessary. She also began building a pack that would eventually include Demarco Montana, Carrie Hudson, Reed Schall, Brett Talbot, and Lorilee Rohr, among dozens of others, who she taught to learn control by using the mantra, "Three things cannot long be hidden-- the sun, the moon, the truth." She also, like many Alphas, became close to Talia Hale, with whom she would visit and drink wild purple reishi tea. However, though she promoted the idea of peace and non-violence, she was not opposed to "using her anger" when the situation called for it, such as when she fended off numerous assassins who attempted to kill her (and the rest of her pack) in order to collect her bounty of $10 million dollars. In the aftermath of the Deadpool, Satomi continues to reside in Beacon Hills, though, according to Brett, she has not been recruiting out of fear of drawing more unwanted attention to her supernatural status.


Blue-eyed Omega;

Kincaid once served as a henchmen for Yakuza boss, Katashi, better known as "Silverfinger". He was sent to meet with Isaac Lahey for the gun exchange. He was very open about his status from the beginning, displaying his claws right in front of Isaac, another werewolf. After explaining the true story behind the gun, he and Isaac get into a confrontation, Kincaid delivers Isaac to his boss, but then lets him go. After his master was killed, he went searching for his prostetic finger that housed a small scroll worth a lot of money. Unfortunately, the McCall Pack was in search of this same scroll, they defeat Kincaid and take the scroll from him.



Several years ago, Deucalion was believed to be a man of vision, he only wanted peace between the werewolves and the hunters, he even had a meeting arranged to settle their differences. However; this meeting did not go as a planned, it was a set up, organized by Gerard Argent, a bloodthirsty veteran werewolf hunter, after killing Deucalion's Pack members, he blinded Deucalion. From this moment on, Deucalion was a changed man, after being challenged by one of his betas for role as alpha, he soon learned that he could steal their power by killing them, he proceeded to do this with all his Betas, this was the first step towards forming The Alpha Pack. After convincing Ennis, Kali and The Twins to join the pack, he returns to Beacon Hills in effort to convince Derek Hale and Scott McCall to join his pack, he failed to accomplish this, but after losing his pack, he did make two allies in the form of Scott and Derek. He later helped saved both of them, Derek after being captured by The Calaveras and Scott during his battle with Theo.



Marco was Deucalion's Beta, possibly his second in command, he accompanied Deucalion to the summit in Beacon Hills after one of Ennis' Beta's was killed by the hunters. Marco questioned why they'd kill him, he believed that the young naive Beta killed one of the hunters firts, and Marco was right. After learning that his Alpha, Deucalion was blinded during the meeting with the Argents, Marco felt he was no longer fit to run the pack. So, he challenged Deucalion; however, he lost the fight and was ripped apart.



Kali was once the Alpha of her own pack; however, she was convinced by Deucalion to kill her Betas and her Emissary and join The Alpha Pack. Kali was given the task to force Derek into joining pack, after the death of Ennis, she went after Derek even harder, believing that he was the cause of Ennis' demise, she even forced him to kill one of his Betas, she gave him until the next full moon to make his decision or she'\ll kill everyone; however, Kali would never get that chance. It was later revealed that Kali didn't kill her Emissary, she merely left her on the ground to die but Kali didn't finish the job. This was later proven to be a poor choice, due to the fact that her Emissary would come back and try to kill her, along with the rest of the pack. During the night of the Lunar Eclipse, Kali faced off with her Emissary, Jennifer Blake one last time, this battle did not end as well for Kali as Jennifer was empowered due to the sacrifices she has done and she uses this power to kill Kali.



Prior to his death Ennis was a member of The Alpha Pack, before that he was an Alpha of his own pack. Several years ago he came to Beacon Hills during an Alpha summit, in attendance was Kali, Deucalion and Talia Hale. The hunters killed one of his Betas, because of this Ennis was out for blood, he wanted revenge, Deucalion attempted to talk him out of this but he failed as Talia was in agreement with Ennis, she believed it was his right. Soon after losing one of his Betas, he was given the opportunity to make another by Derek Hale, he wanted Ennis to turn his girlfriend into a werewolf. Ennis agreed because he assumed he would be doing a favor for Taila and back then everyone wanted o be good with Talia. Years later, Ennis along with the rest of The Alpha Pack returns to Beacon Hills in order to get Derek Hale and Scott McCall to join their pack. Ennis failed in taking out Derek which lead to a very serious injury in which he would likely to survive. However, Deucalion had something else in mind, he killed Ennis in effort to force Kali to go after Derek even harder.

Ethan and AidenEdit

Blue-eyed Omegas; born

Ethan and Aiden are twin brothers that were once apart of a vicious and dangerous werewolf pack, they considered themselves to be the "bitches" of the pack, they were at the bottom, that is until they met Deucalion. He showed them how to merge their bodies into one, after learning this skill, the twins ripped apart their pack, saving The Alpha for last, he was begging for his life when the twins killed him as well thus turning both of them into Alphas. They then joined The Alpha Pack. After arriving to Beacon Hills, Ethan was given the task of keeping an eye on Danny Mahealani and Aiden was given the task of keeping an eye on Lydia Martin as the Alphas knew that one of them would be very important to Scott. However both of the twins appeared to have taken their jobs too seriously as they both grew attached to their assignments. The twins took part in numerous antagonistic acts while in town such as killing Boyd and kidnapping Isaac and Erica. However, after losing their alpha spark, the ability to merge and the alpha pack was killed off, the Twins stayed in town hoping that they could join Scott's pack because they'd never make it as Omegas, especially after all the enemies they have acquired. They occasionally worked with the pack but Scott turned them down multiple times as far as being members. In their final battle against the Nogitsune, Aiden was killed by an Oni.

Hayden RomeroEdit

Yellow-eyed Beta; bitten

5x20 Hayden is a real werewolf

Hayden is teenage girl from Liam's past. She was an old enemy from middle school that Liam accidentally punched in the face during a fight with another student. Since that day she has held a grudge against him. However, after discovering that she was a werewolf/Werejaguar chimera, Liam, along with the rest of the McCall Pack, leap in to action to help her and fix their relationship protecting her from the Dread Doctors. However, they failed in doing so and Hayden died but she was later resurrected by Theo Raeken and she is recruited by him to join his pack of Chimeras.

Upon Hayden's resurrection, her personality had darkened and she was loyal to Theo out of gratitude for bringing her back. She initially believed that Scott couldn't protect anyone from the threat of the Beast of Gévaudan and stayed with Theo even after told by Liam Theo was only a "psycho". Hayden continues her relationship with Liam as their love for each other was the only thing that felt right to her, acting like an anchor for her original personality. After taking Deucalion's cryptic advice to help Liam and the McCall Pack, Hayden has her humanity restored and realizing Theo's true nature, she pledges her loyalty to Liam, Scott and their pack. After being attacked by Sebastien Valet Hayden gets "the bite" from Scott McCall in order to save her life thus turning her into a real werewolf and making her Scott's second beta.

Werewolf Chimeras Edit

There are also a handful of Chimeras-- humans with two sets of DNA who have been turned into hybrid creatures with supernatural powers with scientific means, and who are thus not technically supernatural-- who have at least partial werewolf genetics. As a result, though they are not real werewolves, they may have some or all of the abilities of a werewolf, including their shapeshifting abilities (golden or blue eyes, claws, fangs, etc), enhanced physical abilities such as super strength and healing, and/or the ability to take pain.

Known Part-Werewolf ChimerasEdit

Theo RaekenEdit

Werewolf-Werecoyote; failure


When Theo originally arrived in Beacon Hills, he pretended to be a real Beta werewolf in order to get close to Scott McCall and infiltrate his pack. At first, it seemed he simply wanted to avoid being an Omega, but it was eventually revealed that he was, in fact, a Chimera with both werewolf and werecoyote traits who wanted to kill Scott, take his Alpha powers, and become a real werewolf before taking the McCall Pack as his own. However, when Liam (who, at the time was Scott's only bitten Beta and thus the only person who could take his Alpha spark) failed to kill Scott, Theo was unable to steal Scott's powers by killing Liam, and he became so enraged that he killed Scott out of anger. He then used the Dread Doctors' green serum to resurrect four of the dead Chimeras (Hayden Romero, Tracy Stewart, Josh Diaz, and Corey), who then became known as the Chimera Pack, with Theo as their self-proclaimed Alpha.

Unfortunately for Theo, Scott was resurrected through CPR from his mother and the power of the supermoon, and his pack remained on guard for another betrayal from Theo while they also tried to defeat the Beast of Gevaudan. One by one, Theo's "Betas" began to defect, either by helping the McCall Pack or by simply no longer wanting to help Theo, leading Theo to fight back by killing and absorbing Josh and Tracy's powers for his own, gaining the ability to secrete Kanima venom from his claws and to control and absorb electricity in the process. However, he was ultimately defeated by the McCall Pack, with help from the Skinwalkers, who dragged him through a large sinkhole in the earth. His fate is currently unknown.


Werewolf-Garuda; failure

File:Tw yellow eyes wolf.png

Belasko, an extremely strong werewolf-Chimera with glowing blue Garuda talons was sent by the Dread Doctors to kill Scott McCall. He attempted to steal both Jordan Parrish (a Hellhound, though this was unknown at the time) and Scott's powers, but was ultimately unable to do so due to the nature of their powers (a True Alpha's powers cannot be stolen by anyone but the Alpha's bitten Beta(s), and Hellhounds are immune to many supernatural powers). Scott was then able to gain the upper hand and snapped Belasko's arm in multiple places, along with ripping the talons off of one of his hands, before giving him the opportunity to run rather than continue fighting. Belasko chooses to run, which ultimately leads to his downfall, as the Doctors killed him due to his failure to kill Scott. After being stabbed in the chest with The Surgeon's sword-cane, a flock of crows flew out from inside of his thorax.

Tracy StewartEdit

Werewolf-Kanima; failure

File:Tracy yellow eyes 1.png

Tracy was a senior at Beacon Hills High School who had no memory of being turned into a Chimera due to the Dread Doctors' ability to manipulate memories. After she read Gabriel Valack's novel The Dread Doctors, a tool to help recall suppressed memories, she began getting such horrifying flashback-hallucinations of her repressed memories that she transformed into a partial-Kanima and went on a killing spree, which included her father and the man who was driving the van in which her father was a passeger. She then went after Natalie Martin at the Sheriff's station, where she gravely injured Lydia and had to be incapacitated by Malia Tate until she finally came to. Once she did, the Dread Doctors appeared and killed her with an overdose of the modified mercury that made her a Chimera, stating that "her condition was terminal."

Her body was then taken to the Nemeton by the Hellhound (Jordan Parrish), where she remained until she was brought back to life by Theo Raeken as a member of his new Chimera Pack. After her resurrection, she became a much darker and more sociopathic person, relishing in how powerful she now was and feeling no empathy toward the people she hurt. She was Theo's most loyal "Beta," and acted as his lieutenant until Theo killed her to steal her Chimera powers.

Hayden RomeroEdit

Werewolf-Werejaguar; failure (formerly)

File:5x04 Hayden.png

Hayden is a high schooler and former enemy of Liam Dunbar due to a rivalry they'd had since childhood. However, when it was revealed that she had been turned into a Chimera due to the fact that Hayden had two sets of DNA from receiving a kidney transplant several years prior, the McCall Pack leaped into action to help her, and she began a romantic relationship with Liam. Like the other Chimera failures that occurred after Theo's transformation, she ultimately died due to her body rejecting the transformation, but she was almost immediately resurrected afterward by Theo Raeken, who sought to add her to his ranks in his Chimera Pack.

Like the other Chimeras, Hayden experienced negative side effects of her resurrection, though the result did make her powers stable and usable. Due to Hayden's werejaguar side, she was able to sense another chimera who happened to be part Berserker. Her relationship with Liam acted as an anchor of sorts that allowed her to return to her former personality. Upon realizing that Theo cared for no one but himself, Hayden pledged her loyalty to the McCall Pack, fighting with them in their battle against the Beast. However, she was gravely injured by the Beast to the point where even her Chimera healing ability would be unable to save her, leading Scott McCall to give her the bite to prevent her from dying. She successfully transformed into a real werewolf, losing all of her Chimera traits in favor of true werewolf powers.


Werewolf-Scorpion; failure

File:Lucas chimera.png

Lucas was described as being a shy young gay teenager prior to his Chimera transformation, but afterward, his powers led him to become more sexually and physically aggressive. As a result, he used his new retractable scorpion stingers to inject his boyfriend Corey with scorpion venom, which caused him such agonizing pain that not even morphine could relieve it. Lucas then went to Sinema, where he began hitting on fellow gay teenager Mason Hewitt, eventually making out with him and extending his stingers in an attempt to do to him what he did to Corey. Unfortunately for him, Mason was saved at the last moment by Brett Talbot, and Brett and Lucas ended up fighting in the club. After a team effort between Scott McCall, Kira Yukimura, Liam Dunbar, and Brett, they were able to knock Lucas out, and they were about to take him to Dr. Deaton when the Dread Doctors showed up and killed Lucas with a crossbow, once again claiming that his condition was terminal and that he was a failure.


  • Though most packs in the series have been fully composed of werewolves, this is not a requirement-- for example, the McCall Pack is famously known for including a variety of species, including an Alpha werewolf, a Beta werewolf, a Beta werecoyote, a thunder kitsune, a banshee, and a humans, along with a large network of supportive allies.