"Okay, I’ll go with you. It never hurts to try, right?"
Patrick agreeing to go with Scott McCall.

Patrick Lycan is a main character on Wolf Hound. He is the son of Michael Lycan and Sharon Lycan as well as the nephew of Jordan Parrish. He attends Beacon Hills High School and was a member of the lacrosse team for a couple of months before he left the team to join the Beacon Hills Cheerios.

He used to be human until Scott McCall bit and turned him into a Werewolf after he got attacked and poisoned during a lacrosse match by Garrett. As Scott's first Beta, he automatically joined Pack McCall and discovered that a couple of his friends were already a part of it. Ever since he was bitten, Patrick has been unable to shift into a Werewolf, even though he can feel the pull on nights of the full moon.

Even though he is born into a family of Hunters, his parents, even though they let him know what their occupation was, never really told them what they were hunting. He was never made aware of the fact that supernatural creatures existed until the day he saw Scott turn into one to bite him in order to save his life. Now that he is a supernatural creature himself, he is unsure how to bring the news to his parents as he has no idea how they will react.

Patrick never made a secret of the fact that he likes men. It's not like he's telling everyone that he meets that he is gay, only his parents and friends know about it, all of whom have accepted him for as he is. Even though he is not of legal age yet, he frequently visits gay club Sinema to get all the stress out of his system. This is also the place where he met Brody Fiore, a teenager like him who was unsure about his sexuality. They kept talking all night and with the help of alcohol, things happened between them and numerous times after that night, they've had one-night-stands. However, they both made it clear that this was for fun and experimenting and that they're not in a real relationship.

Patrick has romantic feelings for Theo Raeken and is best friends with Isaac Lahey. Patrick is Scott's first Beta and is a member of the McCall Pack.

Early LifeEdit

Being the single child of Michael and Sharon Lycan, he was taught at a young age to be polite to people even when he dislikes them and to keep his emotions hidden behind a friendly smile. His parents never kept it a secret that the Lycans are a family of hunters (even though they did keep it a secret that they hunt supernatural creatures). Unlike the other hunter families, the Lycans have a code which states that the children whom are born into the family will be taught combat skills as soon as they reach the age of eighteen. This has caused some friction between them and others as they would rather have wanted the Lycan children to be taught to hunt immediately, especially now that there is a huge increase in supernatural activity.

He became acquinted with Scott, Lydia, Stiles and Isaac as a freshman, and even though they shared a lot of classes, they never really interacted with each other outside school or practise until he was critically injured by Garrett and poisoned during a lacrosse match. Scott turned him which in turn saved his life. He immediately joined the McCall Pack as Scott's first Beta and discovered that a lot of familiar faces were already part of it. After being attacked, Patrick left the lacrosse team.

Not long after him, Scott was forced to create a second Beta. Sharing a special bond and connection with Liam, Patrick quickly began to act as a sibling to him. Liam went to see him as an older brother and occasionally comes to him for advice or to just talk about things he doesn't entrust the others with yet.

Throughout Wolf HoundEdit

Personality Edit

Patrick has been raised by his parents to always be polite to people, even when they're not polite to him. He thinks being loyal to your friends, family and your cause is a very good and admirable trait to have. He has shown to be a helpful individual as he tends to drop everything he's doing when someone he cares about is in need of help or any assistance, just like his father always does.

He has a different side too: he can be insecure and is quite pessimistic, although he is trying to be more optimistic. His love for his family and friends can easily cloud his judgement, meaning that he doesn't see the faults in their behaviour at times, causing him to become very stubborn, a trait he shares with his mother.

Physical Appearance Edit

Patrick is a tall-statured young man with an athletic and lean build. He has brown hair, white skin, and blue eyes. He prefers comfortable clothing such as hoodies, jackets, loose shirts, jeans, and sneakers, though he has shown to wear more trendy clothing like leather jackets and boots when going to Sinema.

Powers and Abilities Edit


Patrick possesses the powers of a Beta werewolf.

  • Super Strength: As a werewolf, Patrick possesses heightened superhuman strength which goes above even average Beta level. When angered, Patrick becomes considerably stronger. Patrick's super strength has been used to lift in excess of 500 pounds, to break through heavy chains and several pairs of handcuffs, and to break through several locked gates, including one that was built into a hall lined with Mountain Ash.
  • Super Speed: As a werewolf, Patrick possesses a superhuman level of speed that allows him to outrun even the most talented human athlete.
  • Super Agility/Reflexes: As a werewolf, Patrick possesses superhuman agility and reflexes to the point where he can jump extremely high and across long distances when combined with his super strength and/or speed, dodge incoming attacks and smaller projectiles such as bullets, catch larger projectiles such as arrows and balls with ease before they can hit him, and perform a variety of acrobatic and gymnastic feats with no training.
  • Super Durability: As a werewolf, Patrick is much more resistant to the effects of blunt-force trauma than the average human, allowing him to be hit by strong objects, thrown into walls, or fall from great heights while only sustaining minor injuries. However, his skin is still as vulnerable to puncture wounds, cuts, and claw gashes as anyone else, though his accelerated healing will allow him to recover quickly.
  • Super Senses: As a werewolf, Patrick possesses incredibly heightened senses equal or greater to that of actual wolves. He can see perfectly in the dark and across long distances, can track smells up to several miles and interpret the different chemosignals in scent that denote identity or emotional state, and can hear whispered conversations from long distances away, allowing him to pick up scents that normal humans couldn't perceive. These senses serve Patrick very well, as he's able to see supernatural phenomena that are imperceptible to naked human eyes, such as the Nemeton when it is hiding itself or a Kitsune's aura and can anticipate impending attacks simply by focusing on scents or sounds approaching him. Patrick has proven himself to be especially good at tracking others by scent, especially people who are close to him.
  • Accelerated Healing: As a werewolf, Patrick's body repairs and replaces dying and damaged cells at such a rapid rate that he can heal mild or moderate wounds within moments and can heal more serious wounds within hours or a day. Patrick's body has been shown to heal injuries as claw gashes or broken bones and as serious as a broken spine and mauled abdomen. In addition to accelerated healing, Patrick's immune system is so heightened that he is immune to human illnesses and physical conditions, and cannot become intoxicated by drugs or alcohol as a result of his body healing the damage caused by those substances too quickly.
    • Longevity: Due to Patrick's body replacing dying or aging cells at a rapid, constant rate, he will maintain his youth for decades longer than normal humans and possesses an extended lifespan. The oldest known werewolf, Satomi Ito, is over 110 years of age and maintains the appearance of a woman in her late 50s or early 60s, which could mean that Patrick and other shapeshifters with accelerated healing abilities could possibly live into their mid-100s or longer.
  • Shapeshifting: As a werewolf, Patrick possesses the ability to transform his features into those of a partially-lupine creature. When shifted into his werewolf form, Patrick's irises glow bright gold, his fingernails and teeth extend into claws and fangs, he develops hairy sideburns, and his brow becomes ridged. Patrick has enough control over his transformation that he can selectively transform single features, such as making his eyes glow to enhance his eyesight or flicking out just his claws to cut something.
  • Pain Absorption: As a werewolf, Patrick possesses the ability to absorb the pain of others through tactile contact, though Patrick is still learning how to utilize this ability to its fullest state. Most werewolves use this ability by touching the person with their hands, usually on the part of their body that is injured or in pain, and then drawing the pain into themselves, which manifests as darkening veins that travel up the hands and arms and into the chest, neck, and face depending on how much pain is absorbed. It is possible that Patrick can or will learn to use this power through his hands as well as his lips.
  • Memory-Manipulation Ritual: As a werewolf, Patrick has the potential to learn how to perform the memory-manipulation ritual, which requires a werewolf to impale their claws into the back of a person's neck in just the right spot in order to peruse their memories and even, in the case of very experienced werewolves, modify, suppress, or remove the memories entirely. This ritual is typically only performed by Alphas due to the level of control it takes to do it without paralyzing or killing the target, but it has been done by Betas, Omegas, and even Chimeras with varying levels of success. Since Scott knows how to perform the ritual successfully, he may teach Patrick how to use it in the future.
  • Animal Instincts: As a werewolf, Patrick possesses similar animal instincts to his wolf counterparts, allowing him to assert dominance over lower-ranking creatures to scare them away or force them to become quiet. They also instinctively understand how wolves live in behave in the wild, such as how they interact in packs, how they react to threats, and how they hunt.
  • True Alpha Connection: Due to being personally bitten and turned into a werewolf by the True Alpha Scott McCall, Patrick is one of two people (the other being fellow Beta Liam Dunbar) who has the ability to take his Alpha power by killing him. It is unlikely that Patrick would ever do so due to their close friendship.

Weaknesses Edit

Patrick possess all the standard weaknesses associated with werewolves, including wolfsbane, mountain ash, electricity, ultrasonic and subsonic frequencies, full moons/supermoons, lunar eclipses, and heightened emotions.

Etymology Edit

  • Patrick: From the Latin name Patricius, which meant "nobleman". This name was adopted in the 5th-century by Saint Patrick, whose birth name was Sucat. He was a Romanized Briton who was captured and enslaved in his youth by Irish raiders. After six years of servitude he escaped home, but he eventually became a bishop and went back to Ireland as a missionary. He is traditionally credited with Christianizing the island, and is regarded as Ireland's patron saint.
  • Lycan: Derived from the ability of man to turn into a wolf (lycanthropy which comes from the Greek words lycos ("wolf") and anthropos ("human being"). It means "wolf". 

Trivia Edit

  • Patrick is one of several LGBT+ characters in the Wolf Hound series, including Brody, Caitlin, Emily, Mason, Corey and Theo.
  • He never kept his sexuality a secret and frequently visits the Sinema. This is where he meets Brody and they share their first kiss (among other things) there.
  • Patrick is Scott's first Beta. Scott saved his life by turning him after he got poisoned during a lacrosse match.
  • Patrick was #10 on the Beacon Hills lacrosse team. He left the team after being attacked during a match.
  • Patrick joins the Cheerios instead after being recruited by Sue Sylvester.
  • He acts as an older brother to Liam, his fellow Beta, and he is incredibly close with his older cousin, Jordan.
  • Even though he is born in a family of Hunters, his parents, Michael and Sharon, never taught him any combat skills because they never actually told him that they were hunting supernatural creatures. Patrick has yet to tell them that he has become a werewolf but is scared to do so.

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