Marieke Mary Fiore is a main character in Wolf Hound.

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Marieke is a quiet, shy, and loyal young woman, which often causes people to forget just how incredibly powerful she is. She wants to stay on the background, but that is not always possible. She has no sense of humor and is mostly awkward around people she doesn't know. Her only family and friend Brody Fiore, is the pilar in her life. She also develops feelings for Isaac Lahey after they go to the club together and paint eachothers bodies.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Marieke is a petite young woman with long, wavy brown hair, dark brown almond-shaped eyes, and white skin. Her sense of style is off-beat yet comfortable, often wearing off-the-shoulder tops with skater skirts and leggings or fishnets, paired with a denim or black leather jacket and combat boots. She has a katana that has been modified to turn into a belt when not in use, and the belt buckle has a throwing star built into it, making it an accessory that she wears frequently in case she needs to fight. She wears very little makeup.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a Kitsune with one tail, Marieke possesses many supernatural powers, some of which are common to all Kitsune, and some of which are specific to Thunder Kitsune. Additionally, her powers have been further enhanced by a mysterious procedure performed on her by the Dread Doctors in August 2012, though this has also made them somewhat unstable, as Marieke has struggled to regain control over her inner Fox spirit.

  • Super Strength: As a Kitsune, Kira possesses superhuman-level strength, though she is not equal in raw strength to a typical Beta-level werecreature. Even still, Marieke has demonstrated that she is still very physically powerful, such as when she managed to knock an Oni flat on its back by hitting it in the stomach with a lead pipe, when she punched a solid boulder of obsidian to break off a shard of the stone that she could use to cut herself and trigger her healing ability, when she cut her mother's katana blade in half with her own sword while they were sparring, and when she was able to plunge the tip of her sword into a solid cement floor in order to help the Skinwalkers open up a sinkhole to capture Theo Raeken. Her super strength was further augmented by the Dread Doctors' experimentation.
  • Super Speed: As a Kitsune, Marieke can run at speeds faster than even the finest human athlete. They are among the fastest creatures in the Teen Wolf universe; at full speed, they can run faster than most Alpha Werewolves, though they are not as fast as a Demon Wolf or as a Hellhound. This was evidenced during cross-country season, when Marieke, having just begun manifesting her Kitsune abilities, managed to run so fast that she easily lapped Danny Mahealani, the fastest human member of the team, and maintained such a rapid pace that even Scott McCall, a True Alpha werewolf, struggled to catch up with her.
  • Super Agility/Reflexes: As a Kitsune, Marieke is preternaturally agile, and is able to quickly dodge attacks, perform a wide variety of gymnastic and acrobatic feats, and slice arrows in half in mid-air with her katana. This helps her a lot in battle, as it allows her to jump very high and very far and use her heightened strength, speed, and agility together to make her blows more powerful. This also extends to her reflexes, as she was able to catch a stray lacrosse ball just seconds before it made contact with Malia's face, a move that impressed Coach Finstock so much that he asked her to join the lacrosse team. Like Scott McCall, Derek Hale, and Isaac Lahey, Marieke is fond of using her enhanced agility and reflexes to perform high jumps, flips and spinning kicks in order to further enhance her fighting in battle or high-intensity situations, such as when she ran on top of a car's hood and roof and performed a backflip off of it so she could more easily grab the live wire that was currently waving around to prevent it from shocking anyone else, or when she performed small front-flips and spinning kicks during both major battles against the Oni and the Nogitsune.
  • Shapeshifting: As a Kitsune, Marieke has the ability to make her eyes glow an orange-gold color when she is actively accessing her supernatural powers. It is possible that, with time, wisdom, training and/or additional tails, she can learn to change her form even more than this, as Kitsune have been referred to as "shapeshifters" on several occasions, and Kitsune who are not part-human like Marieke gain the ability to take a human form upon reaching 100 years of age, which suggests that they are born into a non-human form.
  • Accelerated Healing: As a Kitsune, Marieke is immune to all human illnesses and conditions, and has only been sick once in her life, which was when she was exposed to a modified form of the canine distemper virus that was specifically designed to target supernatural creatures with canine attributes such as werewolves, werecoyotes, and Kitsune. Marieke can also heal minor injuries like cuts and broken bones in moments, though more severe wounds such as stab wounds to vital areas can take up to several hours. However, despite being born with immunity to human illness, her ability to heal wounds did not manifest for the first time until she consciously activated it by causing herself pain, which seems to be common in shapeshifters who were born rather than transformed. This ability has since been augmented by the Dread Doctors' experimentation, allowing her to heal from more severe wounds within an hour, as evidenced when she was impaled through the shoulder with a spear by one of the Skinwalkers.
    • Longevity: Due to being a spiritual creature as well as a shapeshifter with an enhanced regenerative healing ability that replaces her injured and aging cells at a constant rate, Marieke possesses a lifespan that is many times that of a normal human and will retain her youth for most of her extended life. Her mother Noshiko, who is nearly 900 years old (and who looked like a seventeen-year-old girl as recently as 1943), has implied that Marieke will live for centuries, and Kira herself has even hinted that she expects to live at least as long as her mother as well.
  • Intuitive Combat and Weaponry Aptitude: Marieke, as a Kitsune, has the ability to be able to engage in combat at a high skill level using only her own intuition and muscle memory, both with and without weapons. She once managed to steal a sword from an Oni during her first ever supernatural battle without any training, and was able to use it well enough to hold her own against them until she and Scott made it inside the animal clinic. She was also able to use Allison's mini-crossbow without any prior training during a battle against the Nogitsune-fly possessed Isaac Lahey, Ethan, and Aiden. This ability has been augmented by the Dread Doctors' experimentation, making her an even more formidable opponent in a fight, though she often holds back out of fear of severely harming or killing whomever she is fighting. According to Kira, her ability to sword-fight "just sort of happened," and though her mother Noshiko has given her some instruction on swordplay, most of what she can do has been demonstrated intuitively, suggesting that Kitsune all have innate combat and weaponry skills.
  • Foxfire Production/Electrokinesis: As a Thunder Kitsune,Marieke has the ability to create, absorb, control, and manipulate electricity, lightning, and foxfire, which she can use for a wide variety of effects. Foxfire is typically a special kind of fire or lightning created by all Kitsune by rubbing their tails together; since Kira is a Thunder Kitsune, her foxfire takes the form of lightning or electricity, and she could produce it even before she had tails to rub together. This ability is often used unconsciously by Marieke's Kitsune spirit to defend itself against those intending her harm, such as when Kira first created foxfire to shock William Barrow when he tried to electrocute her to death (inadvertently causing a city-wide blackout in the process), or when she accidentally shocked a physician from the Centers for Disease Control when she tried to take Kira's blood for testing. Marieke has also shown a great versatility when actively using this power, such as when she siphoned the electricity from a live wire at the hospital to prevent anyone else from being electrocuted by it, when she used it to repair her mother's shattered katana blade, when she used it to severely slow Scott's heart to fake his death, and when she transferred electricity from her body into hundreds of light bulbs hung up at Derek's loft.
    • Electricity Immunity: Because of Marieke's electrokinesis and foxfire production, she is immune to the effects all forms of electricity. If exposed to live electricity or lightning, it will be harmlessly absorbed into her body, which she can then use to boost her already formidable electrokinetic abilities.
  • Intuitive Bilingualism: Marieke has been shown to speak fluent Japanese, in addition to American English, despite never having studied the language. However, this ability is not always consistent; when her Kitsune spirit is in control, she can easily speak fluent Japanese, but on one occasion while Kira herself was in control, she admitted that she had never learned anything but simple greetings in the language despite being of Japanese heritage through her mother's side. This suggests that the ability to speak Japanese fluently is inherent in all Kitsune, regardless of whether or not they grew up speaking the language or living in Japan like Noshiko did.


  • Wolfsbane: As a canine supernatural creature, Marieke appears to be vulnerable to wolfsbane, though it doesn't seem to weaken her as much as it does werewolves and werecoyotes. This was demonstrated in The Dark Moon, when she was exposed to wolfsbane fog at the Calavera Compound that weakened her enough to be knocked out by the hunters.
  • Letharia Vulpina: As a canine supernatural creature, Marieke is vulnerable to the lichen known as letharia vulpina, or "wolf lichen." It is toxic to regular foxes, wolves, and coyotes, and as a result, it can temporarily weaken a kitsune, werewolf, or werecoyote if they ingest it in some way, such as eating it or being injected with a solution made of it.
  • Modified Canine Distemper Virus: As a canine supernatural creature, Marieke is vulnerable to the modified canine distemper virus created by The Chemist during the Deadpool. Though it was meant to kill canine werecreatures, it also had adverse effects on Kira, who suffered neurological deficits and weakness before going blind after she was exposed to it. However, it was later revealed that this virus can be both cured and inoculated against with wild purple reishi mushrooms.
  • Mountain Ash: As a supernatural creature, Marieke is affected by mountain ash, which is most often used to create boundaries that prevent a supernatural from entering or leaving a specific area. She is unable to touch rowan wood in its whole form or as an ash, and in some places with especially high concentrations like Eichen House, it can cause her to feel weak, as though she's been sedated, just by being near it.
  • Unstable Kitsune Spirit: Due to experimentation done to her by the Dread Doctors that involved summoning a lightning bolt into a lightning rod placed in her eye, Marieke's Kitsune spirit appears to be acting independently Kira's will, causing Marieke's body to be wielded by it like a weapon. This has caused Kira to act erratically at times when the Kitsune spirit has taken over, such as when she almost killed Lucas in Condition Terminal and her mother in Strange Frequencies, and it's possible she may have actually killed a Chimera at the McCall House when her fox spirit was in control as well. According to Noshiko, if Marieke's inner Kitsune becomes too powerful, it will consume her human self completely.


  • Katana belt with detachable throwing star buckle
  • Magical katana (inherited by Noshiko)
  • Glowstick nunchakus
  • Physical representation of her first kitsune tail (in form of an obsidian shuriken)
  • Japanese mythology book
  • Red Toyota Camry


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