Corey is a main character in Book 1 of Wolf Hound. He was first introduced as a high school student who was admitted to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital after suffering what appeared to be a large scorpion sting on his arm. However, after he was questioned by Melissa McCall, Scott McCall, and Kira Yukimura, it was revealed that Corey had actually been stung by a fellow student he had been dating named Lucas, who they discovered had recently been turned into a Werewolf-Scorpion Chimera by the Dread Doctors. A few days later, Corey became alarmed by the fact that his scorpion wound healed completely without so much as a scar, and after talking to Mason Hewitt, it was revealed that Corey, too, had been turned into a chimera just like Lucas.

His healing ability was confirmed once again when Scott pierced the back of his neck with his claws to search his memories for the location of the Dread Doctors' laboratory and the wounds vanished within moments. After that, more of Corey's supernatural abilities began to emerge as well, such as super strength and the ability to camouflage his body as to appear imperceptible, much like the myth of the chameleon. Once he began bleeding and vomiting modified mercury in Lies of Omission, the Dread Doctors declared him to be a failed experiment, and The Surgeon killed him by stabbing him in the heart with his sword-cane. Shortly afterward, his body was stolen by Jordan Parrish when he was in a Hellhound-trance and brought to the Nemeton, where it was partially burned by Jordan's pyrokinetic abilities.

In Status Asthmaticus, Corey was among the four Chimeras resurrected by Theo Raeken using the Dread Doctors' green serum, including Hayden Romero, Tracy Stewart, and Josh Diaz, who Theo immediately recruited to a new pack of his own creation. However, the identity of the supernatural creatures that the Dread Doctors used to turn Corey into a Chimera still remain unknown at this time. After his resurrection, Corey did as he was asked by Theo and joined the newly-formed Chimera Pack, of which Theo was its self-proclaimed "Alpha." However, though all of the Chimeras who came back to life experienced side effects that made their personalities darker, Corey still retained much of his gentle and compassionate personality, which made him conflicted about his role in the pack, though he ultimately stayed with them out of a desire to stay alive.

However, after Corey was badly burned by Jordan Parrish's Hellhound-fire while the Chimeras attempted to capture Lydia Martin and break her out of Eichen House, Corey began to realize that Theo only saw his "Betas" as pawns to get the Beast of Gevaudan's power and was not as concerned about saving the town as he made it sound. This revelation combined with Corey's growing romantic relationship with Mason Hewitt led Corey to start to drift away from the Chimera Pack and instead become more of a McCall Pack ally like Mason himself. After the defeat of the Beast and Theo being dragged underground by his revenant sister, the Chimera Pack apparently disbanded as a result of the deaths of Tracy and Josh, as well as Hayden becoming a fully-fledged McCall Pack member due to being bitten and turned into a true Werewolf by Scott. With the dissolution of the Chimera Pack, Corey appears to now be a true ally to the McCall Pack.

Corey is during Book 1 a member of the McCall Pack and is a love interest of Brody Fiore.

Early Life Edit

Almost nothing is known about Corey's life prior to his introduction in the series. He was born to two yet-unnamed parents who seem to have neglected Corey for most of his life, as he has remarked on several occasions that they barely noticed his absence during the period of his temporary death between Lies of Omission and Status Asthmaticus. ("Damnatio Memoriae"), ("A Credible Threat") He also seems to have come out as gay at some point in his youth and adolescence, as he was a constant fixture at Sinema, a LGBT+ friendly club, and did not seem to be hiding his sexuality from anyone. ("Condition Terminal")

Additionally, due to the fact that he was chosen as a test subject by the Dread Doctors, he had to have acquired genetic chimerism as a result of an organ or tissue transplant at some point in his life, which was necessary to become a pseudo-supernatural Chimera. ("Ouroboros")

Throughout Teen Wolf Edit

In Condition Terminal, Corey has been checked into Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital after suffering an injury, his screams can be heard throughout the hospital, this leads to Melissa McCall and Dr. Geyer checking on him. Melissa checks his forearm, his skin appears to be melting off, as he lays in the bed. Melissa calls Scott McCall and Kira Yukimura to the hospital, when they arrive, she shows them Corey, who is in a massive amount of pain. Scott uses his ability to take away some of Corey's pain, but this seem to cause Scott discomfort as well, so much so that Melissa and Kira have to pull him away, but Scott does succeed in taking away the pain. Melissa shows them the wounds, the labs have determined it to be scorpion's venom, the strange part being that a sting that bad should have killed him hours ago and the scorpion that stung him would have been 10 feet tall.

Corey tells them that his boyfriend, Lucas did it to him, he explains that he and Lucas were taking it slow, but it wasn't him, it was Lucas that wasn't ready. However, Lucas was like a different person that day, he was aggressive and super confident, they were only kissing until he felt a sharp pain in his arm, then he saw Lucas' entire eye turn black, but just for a moment. Lucas apologized before leaving, saying that he would see Corey at Sinema later.

In Strange Frequencies, Corey runs into Mason in the library at Beacon Hills High School, Mason tries to avoid an awkward conversation, but Corey spots him. Corey asks if Lucas said anything about him or what happened that night, Mason says no, he told the cops everything he knew, which wasn't much. As Corey leaves, Mason notices that he was reading a book titled Miraculous Healing True Stories of Impossible Medical Cures. That night, Corey goes to Sinema and gets drunk, he once again runs into Mason, he leans in as if to kiss him, but Mason changes to subject to his miraculous healing arm, but Corey doesn't understand why he's all healed up.

In Ouroboros, Corey is at Scott's house talking to Mason and Lydia, they're attempting to help him read the Dread Doctors novel. Corey apologizes as he's having a hard time getting through it, but Scott rushes in saying they don't have that kind of time, Scott inserts his claws into the back of Corey's neck to look through his memories for the Dread Doctors Operating Theater. In Corey's mind, Scott sees the Dread Doctors dragging him through the hospital and then through the underground tunnels, after Scott sees what he needed, the connection is broken, Corey, Lydia, Stiles and Theo stay behind as Scott, Mason and Malia go searching for Hayden and Liam. Corey becomes upset and tries to leave, but Theo attempts to convince him to stay, he lies to Corey, saying that Lydia is a Banshee and she can sense that Corey will die if he leaves out the door. Corey wants to take his chances and tries to leave, Theo thinks that Corey has to know more about their lair, Corey says that he remembers the hospital and the tunnels, he then remembers he was in a basement of an old house and there was a wall with a big hole in it he says it was "like a bomb went off."

In Lies of Omission, as Corey attempts to open his locker, he accidentally breaks the combination lock off, Mason Hewitt sees this, pointing out how much more powerful Corey has gotten. They head towards the weight room to test out just how much stronger Corey has become, he bench presses over 360 pounds. He begins to wonder if he could be the Dread Doctors success, Mason doesn't know, but he says that Scott might. However, Corey wants nothing to do with Scott, considering the lest time they met Scott invaded his mind. Moments later, Corey is being carried out on a stretcher after he begins spewing mercury, Mason ,Theo and Scott witness as he is taken away while screaming don't let them get me, them referring to the Dread Doctors.

When Scott and Theo arrive at the hospital, it is in chaos, they realize that this is the doing of Corey and they spread out and search for them, however, Corey was camouflaged against the wall right behind the.He makes his way to the garage when he hears someone approaching, so he blends in with the ambulance next to him, as The Surgeon approaches, he draws a sharp blade from his cane and stabs Corey in the chest, killing him. His boy is found some time later by Scott and Theo.

In Status Asthmaticus, Corey's body is taken to the Nemeton by Jordan Parrish, who is in some kind of trance, his body is left with the rest of the dead chimeras. Corey is later resurrected by Theo, he used a green substance that he took from the tank that the Nazi Alpha Werewolf was being kept in. However, Corey wasn't the only chimera that was brought back, Theo also saved Hayden, Josh and Tracy, Theo informs them that he's their "Alpha".

In The Last Chimera, the Theo's pack invades Eichen House, as Josh and Tracy, and Theo enter through the doors, Corey makes him self visible as he was cloaked on the wall. Theo leads them down the hall to Lydia's cell, they enter the cells, Josh makes a remark about Lydia's appearance as she isn't looking well, Corey explains that she has a hole in her head and that isn't a good look for anyone.

In Damnatio Memoriae, Corey runs into Liam and Mason as he heads to the school library after volunteering to help clean it up. Mason awkwardly strikes up a conversation with Corey about his death and soon following resurrection, Mason suggest that being brought back to life must have been difficult to explain to his parents but Corey says they didn't pay much attention to him anyways. They're more happy that they can sue the hospital, Corey then asks Mason on a date, to which he agrees. Once the cleaning of the library has wrapped up, Corey prepares to leave but then Theo enters the school, telling Corey that he doesn't have to hide, Corey them makes himself visible as he was camouflaged against the locker. He explains that he just wanted to do something nice, Theo says that he doesn't have to be normal or nice, Corey says that he won't hurt Liam or Mason.

Theo says that this is what he wants, in fact they're going to help them. Theo then request that Corey comes with him as he knows that Corey doesn't want to die again. Theo's pack attacks Scott and Stiles in the tunnels, after dispatching of Josh and Tracy, Scott sense Corey camouflaged against the wall, Corey comes off the wall and is visibly terrified as Scott has fangs. He and Tracy then carry away Josh' paralyzed body.

In Codominance, Corey is attending class, Mrs. Finch informs the students that they will be doing a group lab and they will be paired with the person directly behind them. Corey turns around a sees a female classmate, but her stool is slid out of view and Mason takes her space in order to be paired with Corey. Mrs. Finch is explaining that, in codominance, neither allele is recessive and that both phenotypes are expressed, she asks for an example and Corey says that people with AB blood types are an example of codominance. In the locker room, Corey asks Mason out again, but Mason denies his offer, explaining that Corey is with the bad guys, Corey attempts to reason with Mason, informing him that there aren't any good or bad guys, just the living and the dead. Mason then reconsiders their date as he and Corey begin to kiss.

In Amplification, Corey and the rest of the Chimera Pack break into Eichen House. While his pack mates take out the guards outside, he has camouflaged on to the wall of the lobby of Eichen. Josh, Tracy and Theo enter the lobby and Corey makes himself visible. They approach the counter and demand to see Lydia Martin. The pack walks down the hall ans as they prepare to take her, the hellhound appears.

In Lie Ability, Corey is instructed by Theo to take out the hellhound, he's hesitant due to Parrish being on fire. After Tracy and Josh are taken out by the unstoppable hellhound, Corey grabs his wrist but Parrish then burst into flames as a counter attack, thus setting Corey on fire. Parrish proceeds to grab him by his neck and throw him down the hall into Stiles Stilinski. He is brought to the morgue by Josh where they find Malia and Kira, Josh is confused by what's happening to Corey, Malia offers to take away his pain which could help him heal. Her initial assumption is correct, after taking away some of his pain, he begins to get better. Now they're wondering how to get out, Malia tells him that Mason is working on plan B. After Plan B is completely, he and Josh leave.

In Maid of Gévaudan, Corey is outside with Scott and Liam; however, he's invisible and they don't know he's there. When Scott accuses Mason of being The Beast of Gevaudan, Corey makes himself visible, he grabs Mason and runs off.

The Beast of Beacon Hills, Corey has taken Mason down into the tunnels in order to keep him safe. However, The Dread Doctors soon show up and they begin to run, they make it up to the street but they don't get far. Corey becomes invisible and attempts to attach one of the doctors but he fails and is knocked on the ground as he watches the doctors take Mason. The next morning, he's invisible listening in on the pack meeting being help at the McCall House, its unclear how long he was there but Scott noticed his presence almost immediately. Corey is sitting in the hallway at school, Hayden comes up from behind and approaches them.

In Apotheosis, Corey is invisible in the tunnels watching as Liam and Scott fight The Beast of Gevaudan. Then Lydia screams Mason's name, the beast turns into pure black smoke and Mason steps out of the darkness. Corey makes himself visible and he embraces Mason. Later at school, he and Mason are in the library.


Personality Edit

In Corey's brief time on the series, he has been shown as a relatively shy, hesitant, and nervous person. However, his transformation into a Chimera helped Corey become a more confident and less self-conscious person, as evidenced by his straight-forwardness when asking Mason Hewitt out on a date. Despite this increased confidence and supernaturally-enhanced strength, Corey still finds difficulty in being brave in the face of danger, due in part to his fear of dying again, and is reluctant to actively fight in battles, such as Theo's test of his pack's strength by siccing Corey, Josh, and Tracy on Scott McCall, or when he was ordered to fight against the Hellhound Jordan Parrish in Eichen House. This aspect of his personality was often viewed as cowardice by his more vicious packmates such as Theo and Tracy.

As a result of this fear of confrontation and lack of confidence in his fighting abilities, Corey prefers to use his powers in a more covert manner, often camouflaging himself with his surroundings so he can spy on others and gain information without anyone else knowing he's there. He has demonstrated this skill on several occasions, such as when he hid from Scott and Theo at the hospital, when he eavesdropped on Malia and Kira's conversation at the high school, when he hid himself and Mason from being discovered on the Devenford Prep bus and from being caught by Scott and Liam, and when he hid in the McCall House to listen to the McCall Pack discuss their plans to save Mason. This aspect of his personality actually came in handy during the final battle with the Beast of Gevaudan, when he hid by camouflaging himself against the wall until his help was needed after Lydia turned Sebastien Valet back into Mason.

Though Corey's nervous and fearful nature makes him easily manipulated by more aggressive individuals such as Theo, who convinced Corey to stay in his pack by threatening to kill him if he didn't comply, he has proven that he is ultimately dedicated to doing the right thing by turning away from Theo and instead helping Mason and his friends protect the town.

Physical Appearance Edit

Corey is a lean young man with a very slim figure. He has pale white skin with dark blond/light brown hair and hazel eyes. He dresses in the usual style of a typical American teenager, favoring trendy designer jeans, v-neck t-shirts or long-sleeve shirts, and hoodies or jackets paired with boots or sneakers.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a Chimera, Corey is believed to possess the usual superhuman physical powers that are common among the creatures regardless of what supernatural species makes up their nature. However, since the two species whose powers Corey possesses remain unknown, it is very likely that Corey has only demonstrated a fraction of his potential powers. The powers he has demonstrated on-screen include:

  • Super Strength: Corey, like all Chimeras, possesses incredibly powerful supernatural strength. He first demonstrated this power when he accidentally broke the combination lock off of his locker, before then going into the weight room with Mason Hewitt, where he was able to easily bench-press over 400 pounds. He has also been shown using his strength to break open the locked door of the Devenford Prep and to briefly restrain Jordan Parrish while his inner Hellhound, Cerberus, was in control.
  • Accelerated Healing: Like all Chimeras, Corey possesses highly accelerated healing that has allowed him to recover from numerous serious injuries. He was first revealed to have this power when he miraculously healed from a serious scorpion sting he sustained from Lucas, which was said to contain an amount of venom equivalent to a ten-feet-tall scorpion and which was so potent it should have killed him. He was also shown to have healed from having his spinal cord in the back of his neck pierced by Scott McCall's claws so that he could search his memories of being captured by the Dread Doctors, wounds that healed within minutes. The most impressive use of this power was when Corey was engulfed in Hellhound fire when he attempted to attack Jordan Parrish, and his body was covered in serious burns. Though he required assistance from Malia Tate to take enough pain so that his healing ability could start to do its job, he was able to heal from the serious burns within several days. His healing ability also gives him immunity from all human illnesses and conditions, and prevents him from becoming intoxicated by drugs or alcohol due to the fact that his body heals the damage from the drugs too quickly.
    • Longevity: Due to his accelerated healing factor, which replaces damaged, dying, and aging cells at a constant rate, it is assumed that, like other shapeshifters such as werewolves and werecoyotes, Corey has an extended lifespan and will retain his youth for decades longer than a normal human.
  • Camouflage: Corey's unique Chimera ability is that of supernatural camouflage, which allows him to blend in with his surroundings by touching his body against them, causing his body (including his clothing) to change colors to adapt to his environment. He typically uses this ability by pressing his back against a surface, such as a wall, a vehicle, or a piece of furniture, causing his skin and clothing to take on the coloring of what he's touching and making himself imperceptible to the human eye. This power has advanced to the point where he doesn't have to physically touch a surface to blend into his environment, as he demonstrated in Maid of Gévaudan, when he essentially made himself invisible by blending into the air around him. He can also use this power to extend his camouflage/invisibility to another person by touching them, as proven when he put his arm around Mason in order to hide them from a Devenford Prep lacrosse player.
  • Mountain Ash Immunity: Since Corey was turned into Chimera using science rather than magic or mysticism like true supernaturals, he is not vulnerable to the affects of rowan wood or its incinerated form, mountain ash. As a result, Corey can handle it like any human can, and is able to walk over barriers of it without difficulty, whereas his truly supernatural cohorts would be trapped or prevented from entering an area warded with the ash.

Weaknesses Edit

As a Chimera, Corey lacks the serious weaknesses that many supernatural shapeshifters possess, such as wolfsbane or electricity. However, this does not mean he can't be killed; he came close to death when he was set on fire by The Hellhound, and the only reason he didn't succumb to his wounds is because Malia Tate took away enough of his pain to kick-start his healing ability, which had been suppressed due to the severity of the pain he was experiencing from his burns.

One mild vulnerability he was shown to have was the fact that this supernatural camouflage ability appeared to not work on the Dread Doctors, who were able to see through it in order to kill him. It's unknown if this is because they created him and gave him a power that they could control, or if their powers of electromagnetokinesis allowed them to see through the effects of his camouflage somehow. He can also still be sensed by supernatural creatures and Chimeras with heightened senses while he is essentially invisible, as proven when Scott McCall was able to figure out that Corey was spying on him on two separate occasions due to catching and tracking his scent.

Etymology Edit

  • Corey: Corey is a variant of the name Cory, which is both a masculine and a feminine English given name with several possible origins. One such origin is from the Old Norse surname Kori, which has an uncertain meaning and which is found in Scandinavia and England. Another origin is as an Irish surname, Ó Comhraidhe, meaning "descendant of Comhraidheh." In Scots Gaelic, the name Corey is said to mean "ravine, "seething pool," or "cauldron," whereas in Irish Gaelic, it means "hollow." It is also found in Old English, meaning "chosen," and could also be derived from the French word for "heart," coeur.

Trivia Edit

  • Corey is one of several LGBT+ characters in the Teen Wolf series, including Danny, Ethan, Caitlin, Emily, Mason, Brody, Patrick and Theo.
  • Corey is a bit of a "club kid," and goes to Sinema for "All Ages Night" every Friday.
  • It is still unknown what kind of a Chimera hybrid Corey is, and all there is to go on are the abilities that he has demonstrated, namely super strength, accelerated healing, and supernatural camouflage. Because of these abilities, fandom speculation has come up with several theories, including the belief that Corey is a chameleon and/or a phantom.
  • Corey has had one love interest in the show so far-- Brody.