Book 1 of MTV's Wolf Hound aired on Sunday June 5, 2011. Wolf Moon had an estimated 2.170 million U.S. viewers. This season was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. They received a twelve episode order consisting of one story.

Still recovering from the Deadpool, Scott McCall now has two Betas (Patrick Lycan and Liam Dunbar) that he has to teach control and learn how to live with their lycantrophy, but each of them have issues trying to adapt to it. While Liam can easily shift between his human and werewolf form, he occasionally gets stuck as a werewolf and can't shift back due to him having anger issues. Patrick, on the other hand, is unable to shift into his werewolf form for some reason ever since Scott bit and turned him, which frustrates him. And that's not his only problem: being born into a family of Hunters, he has yet to tell his father, Michael Lycan, and his mother, Sharon Lycan, that he has become exactly what they hunt, a supernatural creature.

A couple of weeks later, Beacon Hills' population grows yet again when two siblings, Brody Fiore and Marieke Fiore, move into town. Desperate to escape from the traumatic event of their past, they thought they would find peace and a new home here. What they didn't know was that their arrival would be welcomed by the Witch Hunters. Secrets would be revealed, relationships would be tested and it will cause a lot of drama. Not only for them but also for the McCall Pack as they get dragged into this.

The newcomers are forced to join forces with the supernatural creatures of Beacon Hills as their very existence is at stake. The Witch Hunters will stop at nothing to get the organs and skin of every Werewolf, Werecoyote, Hellhound and Kitsune they can get their hands on. Will Scott McCall, who has expanded his pack with another new member, Theo Raeken, and his allies be able to stop the witches their reign of terror or are they doomed?

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Image Title Airdate Episode # in Season Episode # in Series
A Bad Feeling June 5, 2011 1 1
While Scott is trying to learn his two Betas control, weird things start to happen in Beacon Hills.
New Arrivals June 6, 2011 2 2
Marieke Fiore and Brody Fiore arrive in Beacon Hills with secrets of their own.
XXX June 13, 2011 3 3
Brody and Patrick Lycan meet at the Sinema.
Problems at the Nemeton June 20, 2011 4 4
A fight between Jordan Parrish, Brody and Marieke breaks out near the Nemeton.
XXX June 27, 2011 5 5
XXX July 4, 2011 6 6
XXX July 11, 2011 7 7
XXX July 18, 2011 8 8
XXX July 25, 2011 9 9
Plan in Motion August 1, 2011 10 10
Theo Raeken kidnaps Marieke & Brody and the Witch Hunters execute their plan.
Hallucinations or Reality? August 8, 2011 11 11
The torture of Brody and Marieke and the final battle.
The Promise of Vengeance August 15, 2011 12 12
A dramatic event causes Brody to make a determined promise.

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  • This season premiered on June 5, 2011 in the United States, and the finale aired on August 15, 2011.
  • Season 1 was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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